12 AugTrip to Norway

driving-in-norwayIf you are planning to visit Norway, using a car rental or leiebil is among the top ways to move around. This place, Norway, is a Scandinavian country. However,it has the amazing geographic diversity of the earth squeezed in its small size. For instance, a 3 – 4 1/2 hours drive in Norway will offer you mountains with ski fields, sub-tropical beaches, forests, world class golf courses and unspoiled trout fishing rivers.Having car rental services will give you the flexibility and freedom to move wherever you wish and whenever you want.

This land of midnight sun has always been among the most interesting places on earth that naturally attracts lots of people each year owing to its natural and fascinating attractions. It just takes a glance on the map of Norway to get to know the major attractions of this very beautiful country. It has crystal clear waters, dazzling snowscapes, gourmet cuisine and magnificent castles.

Enjoy the outdoors with a multitude of activities for instance hiking, fishing and kayaking which will surely take your breath away. You can also take a guided tour or camp to explore and be captivated by Norway’s bucolic charm or simply have a leisurely walk by the still fjords! Check in into Darby’s Inn, Rica Park Hotel or Brekkesetter, all attractive places to stay; accommodation options are many!

Drive away with your car rental to Stavanger or Bergen (Bilutleie Bergen) and get to experience the sheer beauty of one of the world’s most impressive coastlines! Take some time and go up the cliffs or explore the lovely fauna and flora. Walk past the splendid waterfalls and for some remote adventure, visit the Jren National Tourist Route. With open vistas, you’re certain of losing track of time. For the ethnically curious, a visit to any of the county’s National Tourist Routes is a necessity. This is famous for an incredible concentration of innumerable glaciers, architecture and places littered with the remnants from a regal past. Finally, you may want to consider visiting the outer islands, oases of infinite beauty, ideal for an indulgent holiday or just a simple get-away from normal civilization!

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