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Couples nowadays do exactly what they want for their wedding. If they have to break rules or get away from traditions, they do it for the sake of showing off their love story and not of anyone else. Wedding photographers in Melbourne agree and give their shares of their creative ideas in helping couples celebrate their wedding the way they want.

Casual receptions


Trending now is having casual reception for weddings in Melbourne. Casual reception means more relaxed guests and it also means more relaxed snaps for wedding photographers. Cocktails party, a good example of a relaxed and casual reception provides more chills for guests especially for young people and that chilled vibe provides good opportunities for casual and naturally relaxed photos of the couples sharing the moments with their guests. Since there is no seating plan, the wedding photographer has a good and fun time snapping guests at their relaxed self and thus creating great and best wedding photos. It is a great time for capturing all the details of the day when everyone is relaxed and just having fun in a relaxed environment where everyone can mingle and mix with the other guests.

Plenty of props

Wedding photographers in Melbourne don’t just carry bags of camera and lenses but also boxes of props like sparklers, confetti, and smoke bombs. These props don’t only help in kicking nervousness on couples but also allow them to create movements and lights in portraits. Creative props also provide fun-filled and playful moments helping photographers capture and create breathtaking bridal portraits and landscapes.

Small humans surrounding couples

Having small children around couples and wedding photos is now a hit trend in wedding photography. Children are always adorable and usually do things “cute and funny”. They always provide light and breezy vibes and lots of love shots.

Keeping everything real

Nothing beats real happiness, laughter, emotions and capturing wedding moments as they happen provides wedding authenticity which is moments of two hearts celebrating moments of love and happiness. Anything that is forced is definitely out as they always end up as awkward photos.

If you are planning your wedding, the first thing to consider is what you want your wedding to look and feel like and consulting professional wedding photographers in Melbourne could help you achieve that goal which is beautiful and memorable wedding pictures. And that is also surprisingly will not make you go broke.

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