17 MayThe Battle of Golf Carts: Are Used Golf Carts Better than the New Ones?

Golf courses are very expansive and traversing one hole to another is really a tough work considering how vast the distances can be. There are better ways to do so though and that includes the use of vehicles such as electric golf carts. While it may sound like a heavy purchase, these vehicles can come at a cheap price if a person is looking at the right places.


Golf carts do lots of wonders. It gives ease in roaming around the golf course, it also makes every game better by helping you conserve your energy as you go from one hole to another, and sometimes, it can be used for other occasions too and not just playing golf. For that reason, it’s indeed a must-buy. But before you give it a go, here’s a little comparison of buying brand new and second-hand golf carts to give you a better idea which one would work best for you.


The price comparison is one of the most important things that you should look for, especially if you have a limited budget. For brand new electric golf carts, it’s usually priced $15,000 and up. You’d rarely or probably never a new one that’s less than $4,000. However, a second-hand golf cart usually only costs $2,000 – $4,000 depending on its condition and how many times it’s been refurbished.


Manufacturers usually update the electric golf carts that they make. Thus, needless to say, when you buy a new golf cart, its features are updated. On the other hand, when you buy an older version, chances are, its features are not as modern as the new ones.


Golf cart customization, of course, would require you an extra amount of dollars. If you want a customized golf cart, it’s recommendable to just opt for buying used golf carts, especially if you only have a limited budget. Doing so would allow you to save money compared when buying a brand new cart.


Bear in mind that the manufacturer of the golf cart also plays a big part in its pricing. Popular brands usually cost higher whether it is brand new or not.

Golf carts can be a really big help and buying your personal golf cart could help you save a lot in the long run. However, before you purchase one, consider the pros and cons of buying brand new carts and used versions, as you’ll never know, it might help you save even more over time.

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