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parklakeThere is about a hundred and one ways to enjoy the park. Whether you are going to a natural or manmade park, you will surely love hanging out and doing activities with the ones you love without having to spend so much. Here are our top recommendations, which you will find in many of our pages:

Use the playground. Most parks would have a playground and you can use it for free. Children would surely enjoy being out, scrambling up in activities that will not only help them make friends with other children but also give them good physical activity. How ‘bout the oldies, you might ask. Well, they can join in the fun using the seesaw, the giant slides, and the monkey bars. Why not?

Have a picnic. Eating outdoors is such an enriching activity because it allows you to be one with nature while enjoying good food. This is a unique experience from having family meals at home and a good way to treat your loved ones.

Attend special events. With their enormous land area, parks are common venues for special events like carnivals and trade fairs. There is so much to do when an event is held so take advantage of such an experience.

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