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12 MayLove Strolling in the Park? Enjoy These Best Parks in the World

Parks are among top places to visit in any world destination. Parks are for relaxation and recreation, and it’s the best place to learn more of the country you’re visiting. Let’s take a look at different parks in the world and see what they have to offer.

Hyde Park-London

Hyde Park is London’s favorite park, and it’s one among its royal parks. The park boasts of the famous London’s landmarks with the likes of Serpentine Lake, Speakers’ Corners and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. It has several recreational spaces for swimming, boating, tennis, and English’ favorite horse-riding.

Villa Borghese -Rome                                                     


It is Rome’s third largest public park measuring about 80 hectares. It plays host to several buildings, museums, and attractions. It is sprawling landscape garden closely imitating nature that is definitely great for some strolling. The park offers several walking paths and along the way, there are several attractions worth stopping over like Campo Di Fiori, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and Pantheon, and that you’ll enjoy refreshment shops, ice cream parlors and some formal dining restaurants and kiosks for quick bites. The park is always full of locals and tourists all year round.

Tiergarten – Berlin, Germany

The Tiergarten is Berlin’s version of London’s Hyde and New York’s Central Park. It’s a typical green garden but more of an English style park. It’s great for lazy strolling and along the way, beautiful sights welcome every jogger and walker such as Flower bed on Luiseninsei, memorial statues commemorating “the hunting days” like the Buffalo hunt, Bismarck Memorial and Victory Column and memorial for Berlin’s famous music trio; Beethoven-Hayden and Mozart. The Bellevue palace offers relaxing stop for park goers.

Central Park- New York, USA

Central Park is New York’s famous park, and it’s where upper class and lower class meet. The sprawling square park offers several attractions such as The Lake, the small bridge, the rowboat and the Mall wide boulevard lined with Elm trees. If you’re a pop music fan, step on to Strawberry Fields and pay tribute to John Lennon. The park is best known for its open spaces – The Sheep’s meadows, Oval Lawn, and Great Lawn.

Suropati Park- Jakarta, Indonesia

It’s the oldest park in Jakarta and has plenty of shady trees but it isn’t what it’s famous for. It’s the free music and performances from local artists that is known for, and one can just sit and listen to all world-class performances. There are also free activities for everyone like yoga and aerobics. The park is located in the upscale Menteng. giving it a close proximity to upscale restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls.

Yoyogi Park- Tokyo, Japan

It’s a park with western style and the best place to witness the golden leaves of Ginko tree fall. Enjoy Yoyogi’s beautiful stands of red maple trees and yellow ginkgo trees and its magnificent shooting fountains amidst the still waters of the manmade lake. The park also offers the best spot to enjoy Cherry blossoms or Hanami watching. The park has beautiful stands of Cherry blossoms creating wonderful sights turning everything in amazing colors.

Parks are created for people to enjoy sightseeing and some relaxing moments. Some are the best place to enjoy activities but it is the quiet and relaxing atmosphere that makes them a must-see places in any destination, and by this standard that most stand for.

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17 FebYour Camera Choice and Your Photography Skills

They say cameras don’t really matter because it will be your skills in photography that will take your career upwards. But no, for the master to be exceptionally good, his chosen tool from the array of what’s available camera online, must be excellent. This is exactly why cameras are packed with different specs. They can provide different results. Some are better than the others, and it would depend a lot on your needs and your budget to define what’s a good pick would be like.

The Digital Camera Market

In this high tech world of ours, you should not be surprised that the available camera online are mostly digital. Why not, this camera technology offers a unique advantage that will provide any photographer a broader perspective, a better playing field.

Digital cameras are further classified with those whose lenses are already attached and others with interchangeable lenses. But the point-and-shoot cameras that are among the available ones in camera online are more than just improved versions of the smartphone camera. They are packed with capabilities that could easily showcase one’s talent in an amazing way.

Then again, it all starts with picking the right thing, right? To know which type of camera is the best for you, you must first establish what will you need it for. For an average user, a regular digital camera might be enough. But if you want it for more professional intents and purposes, you must dish out a DSLR camera sale for you. That’s the best option you have around.

Even as you point your choice to the digital camera market, you still need to decide on a couple more factors like what type of lens to choose and the kind of technology that will help further your skills in shooting great photos. With the wide variety of cameras for sale, it is sometimes difficult which type of unit to pick. Whether you go for the more advanced cameras in line or the thrift ones depend on you.

The experts’ advice is for you to think your choices through. See all the available options and note which ones suit your requirements best. It would be nice if you could put together some research that will guide you the strengths and weaknesses of each unit, the pros and the cons. So when it is your time to pick, you get to make an informed decision. When you know what’s in store for you with what you will spend for, you would not have much expectations.

Tale advantage of what Australian Camera Sales’ great deals. Visit


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09 AprList of 6 Best Parks in Sydney Australia

This is one of the most important cities for tourists in the world. A list of the best parks in Sydney Australia is therefore not just about personal tastes and preferences but also what the locality has to offer. These recreational spaces are designed to cater for virtually everybody including singles, couples, families and even groups. Here are a few highlights

banjopattersonparkBanjo Paterson Park
This one is found on the Punt road of the Gladesville area. It is particularly interesting because there are a number of recreational activities beyond sightseeing. For example visitors are taught how to make bowls of crochet in a café. There is craft beer walking, swimming and skateboard tracks. The park offers toilet facilities and ample seating both in and outside the shades. Children are welcome to frolic in the playgrounds.

Little Manly Point Park
You can get to this park on Stuart Street within the Manly area. It offers a great family friendly kiosk and café as well as a fully functional playground. Visitors can engage in a range of activities including skateboarding, swimming and biking. The park also offers facilities for group functions within the picnic areas as well as an opportunity to hold a BBQ.

The Clontarf Reserve
Found in the Clontarf area near the Sandy Bay Road; this is one of the best parks in Sydney Australia because of its wide open spaces and interesting activities for everyone in the group. The seating area is particularly impressive and the café serves tasty but affordable meals. It has a swimming pool and facilities for all sorts of outdoor activities including bike rides and skateboard tracks.

Cook Park
The historical connotations of this park hold a special place in the hearts of the locals. Visitors to the Grand Parade in the Brighton Le Sands area are treated to a spectacular show of family entertainment. It does not matter whether you want to have a private gathering without staff or whether you need support to organize a BBQ; this park has it all. There are eateries and bathroom facilities for your convenience.

North Harbour Reserve
This is the perfect opportunity to expand your nature knowledge if you happen to visit the Balgowlah area. The park is situated on the North Harbour Street. It is particularly notable for creating a scooter track for very young children which is very attractive for family outings. It also has a basketball court and a number of interesting excursions.

Darling Quarter
The name says it all for this one. Situated on 1-25 Harbour Street, this remains one of the top attractions of Darling Harbour. First of all the area is teaming with attractive eating areas including restaurants, cafes and kiosks. More importantly; the park has lush water fountains which never fail to stir the kids.

This bustling city belies its reputation as a stark cosmopolitan area by providing wonderful opportunities to experience the raw beauty of nature at its headiest. This list of the best parks in Sydney Australia is only the beginning of the wonderful experiences that you can enjoy when you visit.

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08 MayPlan To Visit The Canadian National Parks For Adventure

On the off chance that you’ve for a long while been itching to investigate the regular excellence of North America, then you’ll have the capacity to locate some unbelievable pearls covered up in the National Parks of Canada. There’s no better approach to experience the characteristic excellence of the nation than by visiting one, or a few, of the nation’s more than 40 National Parks. In the event that this article wets your voracity, then you can discover at additional at the Parks Canada Agency site.

English Columbia National Parks. No excursion to British Columbia is finished without a visit to Glacier National Park, accepting you don’t visit amid the coldest months of winter when the recreation center is not open. The recreation center, which lies in Canada’s Columbia mountain extent, is home to grizzlies, caribou, and an assortment of different animal varieties local to the range. Talented skiers savor the experience of the back nation skiing open doors accessible inside of the recreation center.Kootenay_National_Park

At the point when in British Columbia, you’ll additionally need to visit Kootenay National Park. This park is open year round, and gives guests looks of intriguing view. Where else would you be able to see prickly plants and ice sheets in the same area? You’ll appreciate a stunning look of the remarkable excellence of the Canadian Rockies when your trek incorporates a stop at Kootenay National Park.

Read more about the Kootenay National Park:

National Parks in Alberta. In case you’re ventures will take you to the Canadian area of Alberta, you must visit both Banff National Park and Wood Buffalo National Park. Both parks are open year round, except for Christmas Day, climate allowing. When you visit Banff, you’ll have the capacity to visit a grand hollow, see a genuine hot springs very close, and appreciate the amazing landscape that comprises of striking glacial masses and mountains.

Wood Buffalo National Park is a perfect destination for the individuals who appreciate open air exercises, including fowl watching, trekking, and kayaking. The most bold explorers may need to have a go at exploring and outdoors in the remote wild stop, however others may choose more present day facilities in one of the adjacent towns.

Yukon National Park. In the event that your voyages take you to the territory of Yukon, you’ll have a chance to view the most astounding top in Canada in Kluane National Park. Known for its tremendous ice fields and steep, tough view, this park is home to Mount Logan. With its top stature of 5959 meters, you won’t locate a taller crest anyplace in the nation. In view of the cold landscape, you’ll have to visit this park in the middle of May and September, in light of the fact that its not open to general society whatever remains of the year.

Planning Your Canadian National Parks Adventure. These are only a couple of the numerous amazing and spectacular national parks situated all through Canada. Regardless of which of the nation’s numerous territories you plan to visit, you won’t be a long way from a National Park with landscape beyond any doubt to blow your mind.Hence make sure you travel to Canada.

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11 FebParkes’ Elvis Festival

Taking your family to Parkes, New South Wales to attend its annual Elvis Festival is a good family holiday idea and certainly an exciting welcome treat to family members.  It’s a cheap alternative to spending beach family holiday in Thailand or a family surfing holiday in Gold Coast because of its affordable family accommodation provided by cheap motels Parkes. Family bonding at Parkes has some perks that make family togetherness more affordable while overflowing with great fun and unforgettable family moments.

Elvis FestivalIf you decide to treat your family to the Annual Elvis Festival, you need to prepare in advance and book to NSW Trainlink Elvis Express, which tickets usually go on sale on mid-September. Booking in advance to accommodation Parkes is also advised as demands are at peak over the festival period. While an up-to-minute accommodation can still be accommodated, it’s more likely to end up booked to accommodations in surrounding towns like Forbes, Orange and Dubbo. It would be impossible to get cheap motels Parkes accommodations that are within walking distance from different major Festival venues.

So what’s the big difference of a family bonding at Parkes’ Elvis Festival? The family is treated to a 5 whole day events that features busking competitions, family bingo, street parades and vintage cars exhibitions. Family members can have fun at the annual busk competition and vote for their champion buskers or performers. They’re treated to Elvis impersonator acts and shows featuring local and international Elvis look and sing-a-likes. Besides enjoying best accommodation from Elvis Festival accommodation Parkes, family members can enjoy shopping for all types of souvenirs from t-shirts, guitars, Elvis photographs and memorabilia, and food and drinks from local chefs and food connoisseurs. Families are also treated to Parkes’ trekking events and picnic grounds that are mostly within walking distance from their cheap motel Parkes accommodations. This annual Parkes’ Elvis Presley Festival allows family to experience Australians’ deep respect and admiration to the King of the Rock and Roll music and Parkes’ hidden gems such as Peak Hill and the Goobang National Park, which are open for tours during the festival.

An educational side trip at the nearby Parkes Observatory where the CSIRO Telescope is located is also a good family holiday idea that gives all members of the family an up-close look of the famous telescope that has played a major role in NASA’s several missions including The Apollo 11 Moon Mission.

This year’s Parkes Elvis Festival is already closed however getting ready for the next festival should top the list of your next family holiday if you don’t want to miss one of the best holiday ideas for your family.

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30 NovExperience the Amazing Parks of “The Land of Morning Calm”

Sitting on the Korean Peninsula in North-East Asia, Korea is neighbored by China to the northwest and Russia to the northeast. North Korea and South Korea are separated by a 4 km wide stretch of land. Majority of the national parks in Korea are found in South Korea. While the Southern part of Korea is covered by well-developed plains which make it an international hiking destination, the northern part is mountainous and tilts to the East famous for hosting eminent camping sites

Korea’s climatic conditions vary drastically from North to South. “The Land of The Morning Calm”, a nickname given to South Korea, comes from the calm coastline and a relatively warm and wet climate similar to that of Japan. Its Ria coastline is known as Dadohae-jin in Korean. The convoluted coastline results in mild seas, resulting in perfect conditions and environment for fishing, safe navigation and sea weed farming. National parks are among the key attractions here. The following are some of the most visited by tourists from all around the world and locally.

Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National ParkBukhansan is designated as the first national park in South Korea. It is festooned under natural forested areas, granite peaks and temples. The three major granite peaks include: Insubong, 810.5 m which is the tallest, Mangnyeongdae, 799.5 m and Baekundae, 836.5 m. The famous Bukhansanseong Fortress with a long defensive wall (9.6 km) built in 132 AD is found here. A number of rocky overlapping hills “sleep” across the horizons, some of which are covered in thick dark green forests creating enticing micro-climates for various animal species. If you love mountain climbing, the rocky hills and steep mountains in this park will certainly amuse you when you visit in Korea.

Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan National park sits on the foot of Tabaek mountain range in eastern southern Korea. It is mostly frequented by many tourists both nationally and internationally throughout autumn. This is the best time to be here when the land is transformed into a haven of bright red and yellow forest cover. With a mixture of butterflies; brighter, bigger, fluffier and so on, all flying all over the space, one finds the pomp and color that fills the atmosphere particularly irresistible. Perhaps, all you shall want to do is look for nice shade, sit on your low custom chair facing one of the streams and begin to meditate on this dazzling land.

Sobaeksan National Park

Sobaeksan is the name of the mountain which this park sits on. One out of the ordinary thing about this park is the white color theme formed by snow on dried twigs that hang conspicuously when you visit in winter. Come again during summer and you will realize the kind of splendor that the snow had previous destroyed. During this time, over 1,067 plant species sprout their leaves and a wide range of animal species begin to migrate in, some of which come out from hibernation to feed on foliage. Hiking is the main activity here; it is backed with excellent resorts to hang about. It’s a really beautiful place to be for your holiday.

Taeanhaean National Park

Taeanhaean national park is a marine park designated as the 13th national park in South Korea. It lies on a 230 km stretch of coastal land containing 26 beaches and a sundry coastal ecosystem. For those who love water games, this park has one-of-its-kind environments to try out any type of game you would wish when you travel to South Korea. With such a long coastal stretch, it will take you not less than a month of far-reaching trip to cover all kind of attractions here; talk of adrenaline pumping water games, salient marine species, legendary land marks and many more.

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10 SepWorld’s Best National Park Holidays

If you want to have a fun filled holiday but you aren’t sure what to do, traveling to one of the best national parks in the world might just be the right thing to do. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family and friends, the top 5 national parks in the world listed below, are without a doubt, one among the best places to be in.

Whether you choose to go to the park closest to your home or opt to take a long trip, you are going to love being close to nature as a family. Trying to decide which one among the several national parks in the world is the best one to visit can be quite challenging. Honestly, they are all beautiful and exciting for one reason or the other. But still, only five can make this list!

KruegerNationalpark1. Kruger National Park 

South Africa is well-known for its extraordinary landscapes, packed with a lot of flora and fauna, which promises to charm natives and tourists alike. As one among the biggest game reserves in Africa, this national park occupies an area of 19,633square kilometers, and is home to some of the world’s most rare and most incredible animals, like rhino, lion, cheetah, and elephant. Over the years, the tourism industry in South Africa has taken off, with numerous people booking safari holidays to observe the incredible wildlife. The rugged landscape of this national park guarantees that every visitor will leave with a camera stocked with numerous unforgettable photos.

2. Yosemite National Park 

This national park covers over 3080 square kilometers area, and is full of spectacular waterfalls, cliffs, and forests. More than 3.7 million people visit Yosemite each year, with many people choosing to spend their time in Yosemite Valley. Home to great sights like the Half Dome, Yosemite Valley is an area overflowing with natural beauty, as well as a very rich history that a visitor will certainly enjoy learning about. These days, the adventurous visitors choose to go rock climbing, or even hiking. Its gorgeous scenery makes it the perfect place to combine sport and beauty.

3. Yellowstone National Park

This park covers an area of 8932 square kilometers. It holds geysers, hot springs, canyons, valleys, basins, and lakes in it. Also, a good collection of wildlife has found this national park as their home place, adding even more beauty to it. The park is mainly used for fishing, hiking, boating, and resting a day in one’s busy routine life.

4. Galapagos National Park

This is a relatively new national park and a World Heritage Site, having been established in the year 1959. Comprising of an archipelago of smaller islands, visits to this national park have been restricted, because of the area’s delicate ecosystem. The Galapagos Islands are home to a variety of incredible wildlife, like sea lions, giant tortoises, and birds of prey, not to mention volcanoes which visitors can hike across. Even though the Galapagos Islands are a slightly exclusive location that may cost you quite some money to visit, they’re all well worth traveling to.

5. Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is a US icon and is the fifteenth oldest national park in the country. The park’s history dates back to the year 1919 when it first became a national park; however, it’s said to be thousands of years old. There are several routes to take in the Grand Canyon, whether it’s on a helicopter ride or on foot. Despite the angle it’s viewed at, the Canyon never fails to amaze anybody who looks upon it.

Activities like rafting and hiking are commonly enjoyed in this park, as well as camping in one among the established campgrounds. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is also a common way to view the Canyon. The transparent bridge juts over the canyon, giving a once in a lifetime view.

In conclusion, if you’re planning to spend your holiday at a beautiful place that help you re-energize and rejuvenate, the above top 5 national parks in the world are some of the best places to consider visiting.

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14 JunHorse Racing Parks

You want to be out there participating in horse racing and betting, but the problem is you’re a newbie and there are a lot of questions you want to ask. The good news is we have all the horse racing tips australia you need in order to kick start this new endeavor of yours. Understand that you don’t have to be an established or expert horse racing analyst to win, you just have to know the basic information about the race and then we’ll go from there.

First things first, what are the different types of race?

Horse RacingThe first of the many types is a hurdle. In this race, the horses will have to jump over a small obstacle. Then there’s also the chase, but this time, the horses will be jumping on bigger fences with hedge-like appearance.

Some horse breeds are good at hurdles while others are more suitable for chasing. However, it doesn’t have to be unusual for a hurdler to improve a lot and then be part of a chase race. Of course, there’s a lot of room to improve because bigger obstacles mean stronger horses.

Aside from the two most common horse racing categories, there’s also one we call as cross-country race. This time, the horses are required to run over a longer distance, while fences will now be slightly bigger.

Lastly, there is the race card. This is a flat race, meaning there are jumps included. This race is particularly designed for horses that are starters in racing, the purpose of which is to allow them to be able to gain some experience and strength through longer distances.

In horse racing, the races are typically measured in miles and furlongs. One mile is equivalent to eight furlongs. There are races that cover two and three and a half miles. Some are even longer. There are horses trained for shorter races only and they’re also the fastest in the class. The horses that are trained for longer distances have better stamina instead of speed, and that’s for obvious reasons.

But you have to know that not all horses can run in all types of races. There’s a common restriction called a novice race. As the term suggests, it is a type of race for horse that hasn’t won any hurdles or chase fences in the past season.

So there you have it. But as you can see, there is so much to learn on the entirety of horse racing and being a horse racing analyst will prove quite challenging. All you have to do is encourage more research and hands on experience.

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10 MayEnjoy your trip to Europe by visiting its pristine national parks

National parks are protected wildlife reserves where rare flora and fauna coexist together. Entry to these places is strictly regulated by authorities so that the habitats aren’t destroyed by human activities. Some of them only allow a certain number of visitors per day for the same reasons stated above. Below are some of the best natural parks in Europe.

The Geopark, Spainpark

Geopark is located towards the northern territory of Seville province, found within its boundaries are two antique Nature Monuments and several Andalusian geological hotspots that are unique to the region. It covers an estimated area of 177,484 ha and contains materials that date back to the Triassic and Permian era, this site has been useful to archeologists who often frequent it to search for clues of Europe’s ancient landscape. Also found here are anomalous medusa imprints that date back thousands of years, it being the biggest concentration of medusa specimen found within the entire Iberian Peninsula. Visitors would as well marvel at attractions such as the caballera stones, sandy soils, dales, crags and cupola-shaped domes.

Pyrenees, France

The Pyrenees is a large mountainous range found towards the southwest of Europe, it forms the natural border between Spain and France. This territory also curves out the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe. Conspicuous aspects of this reserve include the absence of great lakes such as those found in the neighboring Alpine range, visitors would also marvel at the rarity and colossal elevation of underground passes found in the region. The largest waterfall in France known as Gavarnie is also found in Pyrenees, it drops down to about 1,515ft and forms a beautiful rainbow upon coming to contact with the river below. This natural cascade is fed by melting snows and glaciers in higher parts of the range. Pyrenees is without a doubt one of the finest natural parks in Europe.

Snowdonia Reserve, Wales

Snowdonia is the largest natural park in Wales covering an estimated area of 823 sq. miles, it was first set aside as a national reserve in the year 1951. This territory is home to the highest mountain range in Wales and attracts approximately 6 million guests every year, making it the 3rd most popular park in England. This site is perfect for hikers and mountaineers since it boasts of natural trails that swivel up the terrain in interlinking channels, camping is also allowed though guests would have to report their stay with the management beforehand. This way they can plan appropriately and prevent unnecessary congestion, they can also send immediate help to campers in case of an emergency.

Read more about a Geopark by visiting:

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06 MarThe growth of Asian parks

Asia, for years has been a grand territory for the endangered species, most of which take refuge in some of the top delight parks. The rain forests, beach parks and the jungles provide a principal view of the best parks in Asia. Asian amusement parks outshine with brilliant live concerts, leisure watch from the cinemas and the television shows. These Live entertainment systems include the live dancers, actors and actress on the stage.

Economic growth of the Top Asian parks

Quick economic growth of a park is facilitated by the large number of tourists visiting the park. Therefore, these top amusement parks in Asia have recorded a stable economic increase due to the stable attendance that grows daily. Asia pacific region has grown to be a prime target of park owners. The availability of the cheap lands also enables for the expansion of the parks thus rapid growth. For instance, HONG KONG gratification parks spend half a billion every time they refurbish the place, expand and modernize their facilities. This is due to the growing population of visitors. With the quick growing income in Asia, more visitors are legible to come as people are looking for these kinds of developed parks with developed modern facilities.

Basing argument on Forbes data, it clear that Asian parks theme top because of the high attendance of investors. The overall data shows that the type of leisure activities within these places have been on a steady improvement in the 1990’s.Recently, Asia has scored the kind of economic growth required to justify the presence of expensive park designs.


Sunway-LagoonMost of the Asian amusement parks offer live entertainment. Sunway Lagoon, which is Malaysia’s biggest park leads the list because of the live pop stars and numerous highlighted performance by the black eyed peas, Ne-Yo and the American idol David Archulata. Research basing on entertainment and leisure has confirmed that the fast growing markets in Asia make it possible for these best parks attract more investors. The overall entertainment budget in Asia increases by 5 percent every time a tally is done. This is just enough to show how fast the parks are developed with a number of live, modern entertainment systems.

To conclude, Asian amusement parks are ranked the top worldwide due to the stable growing attendance which is facilitated by the entertainment style and modern facilities. Most of these parks are disappearing quickly. Get to these amusement parks before it is very late.

For the list of Amusement Parks in Asia, click here:

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