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24 AugTipping on Hotels Around the World

hotelsSo, you have been planning to hop on around the world. Are you wondering what is the tipping structure on hotels that are part of your target? The tipping style in different countries entails more than your judgment on the quality of storage beds packed in your room. It is mostly defined by culture. Some countries welcome tipping warmly while others look at it as rude and offensive. Since hotel workers are likely to be locals in the destination you are in, you really need to be careful.

Who to Tip?

Before we get down to business, let us first make it understood who the people you are likely to tip.

Those who are in the higher ups do not expect to get a tip from their guests, even if it is customary or required. That means there is no need to tip the hotel manager. In countries where tipping is appreciated, it usually lands on the hands of the porters, the housekeepers or the people who keep storage beds and the entire room neat, and although rarely, the concierge. In countries where service charge is included on the total bill, the tip is divided equally to the members of the hotel staff.

How to Tip…

In the United States?

Porters expect about $1-$2 of tip per bag that you seek their help with. For housekeepers, giving anything from $2-$5 is deemed acceptable. It is a custom to give out tips to hotel staff in the U.S. It is also the same thing in Canada.

In Dubai?

People in the Middle East works very hard to keep their foreign guests at home and comfortable. Many hotels, especially in Dubai, provide storage that keep extra space for their guests to store their things safely. It is a mandate all over this blooming cosmopolitan that a 10% service charge is added to hotel bills, as well as in bars and restaurants. That amount is sliced equally among the staff.

In Morocco?

This highly in demand African destination appreciates tips from guests. The custom is to give at least $2 per bag for the porter, $5 per night for the housekeeper, and $10 upon arrival for the concierge. Don’t worry because the amounts you will be giving out are equated with impeccable service. For luxurious stays, it is common to find prepped up leather sofa beds for your comfort. They will surely make you want to own one back home. Your best resort is to enjoy the moment at your hotel and then look for a sofa bed sale in your locale when you get home.

In Thailand?

Tipping is not customary in this beautiful Southeast Asia destination. With some hotels, however, a 10% service charge is added to the bill.

In Japan?

Good service is mandatory among Japanese people and they are too polite to accept tips. You only need to pay exactly what you are charged.

Tipping mostly encourages extra good service in destinations where they are accepted. Don’t worry because some hotel staff does not expect much. They are grateful for even the smallest amounts that are given to them.

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