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Travelling can often be a stressful experience, being unfamiliar with the location which you are going to can add to this stress. This blog takes that stress away from you and allows you to explore the range of parks in Sydney when you visit Sydney, Australia.

hydeparkThe most visited tourist attractions in Sydney are the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Both cater to tourists and allow for visits and if planned ahead tourists can even climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge via booking on BridgeClimb.

Ideally located in the centre of the city, close to the Sydney Opera House lies the Royal Botanic Gardens. A place for tourists to take a peaceful stroll around and relax in a serene setting. Tourists can learn about the land and the indigenous Australians of the area.

Ballaarat Park is the ideal location for taking photos, it provides great views of the city skyline by the harbor. Initially seeming vacant it proves to be a great location for individuals looking to wind down and is a great place for a summer picnic with family and friends.

Hyde Park offers a sanctuary in the midst of a busy city centre, providing an insight into the daily occurrences of the city life in Sydney. With a range of buskers and street entertainment within the vicinity visitors often find themselves being caught up in the environment. With a range of statues and water works Hyde Park is a great place to unwind after a busy day. Within close proximity of the park lies Hyde Park Barracks Museum, which offers tales and insight into the lives of those who lived there in the 1800’s. The Museum has a range of exhibits addressing the Australian convict past and would prove to be interesting to curious tourists who want to learn about Australian history.

Sydney is a lively city with great attractions all around, Sydney has a vast range of parks scattered all over the place even with some located in the Central Business District. The Sydney parks provide a range of Australian flora in the form of picturesque flowerbeds. The parks cater to tourists and offer instances of education where more can be learn about the indigenous Australian people or more about the first European settlers. The parks in Sydney are ideally located so that they can be visited in combination with other tourist attractions and are able to be visited at the convenience of the tourist.

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