16 MarWedding Videography is More Than Capturing Wedding Moments

Bride and groom to-be have various options how their wedding video will be produced or delivered. Wedding videos are now made through different video formats such as documentary, traditional, film-like or combination of one or two formats. A wedding videographer Sydney now uses unlimited production equipments such as steadicams, live webcasts, sliders, 3D and other camera movement systems as well as post-production editing tools aided by computers and software.

lemotion1Wedding videography offers common styles such as journalistic or cinematic. Journalistic style is similar to documentary format where wedding segments like exchange of vows, the kiss, and reception are edited as they occur or how the wedding day unfolds. On the other hand, a cinematic style is simply described as film-like wedding video or wedding cinematography. This particular format has wedding moments captured and edited for dramatic effect and mood or as continuity of the script or story being told. In most cases, the creativity of a wedding videography Sydney takes control and gives different effects, styles and drama for the edited video.

Wedding videography with storytelling format relies on sound bites of the bride and groom that are pre, during and post recorded. To give it more drama and effect, audio track is usually added.

However, couples who want a different style for wedding video can ask any wedding videographer Sydney a short form wedding video format that’s usually no less than fifteen minutes but not more than 50 minutes. Most are with edited wedding scenes but not chronologically or as they happen and includes interviews of the bride and groom and their guests.

Wedding videography produce wedding videos in HD technology and Blue-Ray Discs. They’re either shown at the reception or delivered after the wedding depending on the couple and wedding program. Business-minded wedding videographers have various wedding video packages with inclusive offers to create a different impact on the wedding itself. An engagement video is an inclusion where it documents the groom’s asking the bride for her yes and most of the time shot without the bride’s knowledge. Another popular inclusion is the invitation with a DVD inserted in the invitation and the parents are inviting guests to the wedding and reception. The same day edit offer is perhaps the most popular and most-sought inclusion. This offer allows short footages of the wedding shown at the reception as wedding recaps.

Wedding videography has generally become more of a creative way of capturing wedding moments and with unlimited resources for technologies, equipments and creativeness. Products of wedding films or videos are not mere wedding memorabilia but more as masterpieces and works of art.

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