29 OctWashroom Requirements for Restaurant Owners

If you are planning to put up your very own restaurant to feed guests with the ultimate gastronomic pleasure, we are guessing you have left out a very important consideration. A lot of those in the business did. Then again, setting up your washroom facilities and making sure that you buy hand dryer that works is a crucial factor. You must never skip this aspect because it spells a big difference between success and failure.

Restaurant’s restroom requirements

restaurant_washroom1There are existing rules and regulations that restaurant owners must adhere to, set off by local, state, and federal laws, to ensure health and safety of their customers and the staff as well. The most important of those guidelines is that a physical facility must be set for men and women, plus provision for the handicapped. Afterwards you also need to buy hand dryer and other things to complete your washroom facility.

At the very least, restaurant restrooms must have one toilet/water closet for every 30 women and 60 men. Ideally, customers and employees’ washroom facilities must be separate but they may also be combined if your establishment has limited space. Apart from the toilet, you must also buy hand dryer for your washroom and other amenities that will help improve your customer experience.

Apart from the restroom size, accessibility, and location, sanitation facilities must also be given a good amount of thinking. For washrooms meant for women, at least one diaper changing table must be present, just in case. All your facilities must be chosen carefully with the comfort of your customers in mind.

Trash cans, sinks, soap dispensers, and paper towels must be on hand. If you do not have a hand drying equipment available, you must be able to provide paper towels instead of shared cloth towels. You must also generously invest on toilet paper, hand soap, and other essentials.

A responsible business owner adheres to the health and safety standards set by the government. This is not just a matter of duty but also a matter of ensuring their success will go somewhere. Even the simplest thoughts poured into finding a good supplier for surface wipes is an ingredient to your future in the industry.

Before going full blast with your menu detail and other things that would help boost your restaurant’s success, make sure that your facility is fully equipped, especially with a functional washroom where your customers can seek adequate comfort they need for the duration of their stay within your establishment.

The washroom and bathroom are home of germs, hence, must be cleaned at all times. To cope with the cleanliness is to provide the hygienic supplies required. Go for http://www.hospecoonline.com/.

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