01 MayTips on Choosing the Right Gym Clothing Gear

Sportswear is not just about how good you look. As the term implies, it needs to be good enough to stand up and withstand the demands of a physical workout you’re going to face in the gym. So choosing the right gym or sportswear clothing means you’re taking into account several factors, not just the thought and hope of looking good in it.

ExerciseClothesFor women, being a runner, yoga instructor, or simply a gym bunny means an essential need to provide ideal support for the bust. Breasts will need the extra support since unlike most parts of the body, they don’t have muscle on their own. They are only held up by the skin and pectorals. Thus, it’s obvious that in clothes for gym sessions and sporting activities, wear something that will emphasize protection for the breasts.

So for choosing a sports bra, one thing you have to determine first and foremost is the intensity of the workout, coupled with the knowledge on your cup size.

For intense workouts, it’s best if you opt for a swimsuit-oriented design. The straps need to be wide and cross over at the back. You simply slip it on like wearing a t-shirt. Yes, this type of gym clothes doesn’t really highlight the sexiness, but the breasts will be ideally supported even in highly intense workouts.

For light and gentle exercise, you’ve got several choices for yoga and pilates classes. Look for something that is soft and made of unstructured fabrics. The main objective is to have utmost freedom in your movement. Don’t go for clothes that will harm your skin because you’re going to be doing some rubbing while lying on the floor.

As for fabric, fitness clothes should always carry the right fabric, especially when it comes to high performance and intense workouts. Aside from getting that extra layer, the material of your fitness clothing needs emphasize comfort and style at the same time.

When you’re running, playing tennis, hiking, or doing triathlons, you expect to sweat a lot. This is because all those mentioned physical activities are quite intense. What you need is an anti-perspiration fabric that effectively soaks up the sweat and absorbs moisture. It will then release the moisture from your body, thereby keeping your dry and fresh. Your best bet would be fabrics made with polyamide or polyester that comes with elastane. They are flexible, lightweight, and possess the benefits of a synthetic fiber.

Now for the shoes, know that there’s a science behind picking the right shoes for fitness and sports. The most important aspect is getting the right soles. They need to be shock absorbing and ideally fit the shape of the feet.

As a final reminder, always be put in mind that in wearing sports clothing for your workouts or physical activities, the main factor to consider is how comfortable you are. You may be looking for something that looks good on you, but don’t forget that it’s only secondary to comfort. You don’t want to get injured or uncomfortable while sweating it out. You can avoid those two by wearing the right gym clothing.

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