17 SepRepresentation, Training and Certification Services – Industries Partner in Complying with Government’s Legislations

Professions involve in areas such as medical, constructions, and building, legal and other civil and government services are protected by legislations in their place of work in order to ensure their competence and continued ability to practice their professions. The purpose of government safety regulations is mainly to eliminate hazards at workplace and assures workers the benefits of safety practice of their professions.  Legislations ensure workers are protected by mandating industries to provide necessary training such as construction training in building industry and continued education in medical, legal, and other civil service professions.

construction3Whereas, in areas of industries where workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals and activities such as mining, employers are similarly obligated to provide additional training related to workers’ skills to ensure they are competent to work or provide the needed skills at work.  Training certifications also serve as a qualification requirement as well as upgrading present skills. In industry where workers are working at heights or are exposed to dangers of accidental falls, compliance for additional training and certification are mandated as well. In most areas, the government has established training and certification agencies to help industries with their compliance requirements.  A construction company in eliminating or minimizing accidents in the work place, construction training certification is a must before workers are accepted at work.

With the government’s mandate to ensure safety at work, and in order to assist concerned industries, it has tapped the private sectors in helping all industries involved to comply with the law. It has authorized construction training and certification institutions to provide certification and training to workers as well as representation services to professions such as medical, legal and construction and building and  to provide skills, knowledge and practical experience needed for workers competence of practice of their professions.  These institutions help industries comply with the CPD Points by providing relevant learning and education in formal, informal, or self-directed activities.

Representation and training certification services companies help industries trained their professionals as team leaders or responsible personnel to ensure safety at work. They provide learning activities to ensure professionals in medical, legal, construction and other civil services increased their knowledge in problem-solving, technical skills, and increased their professional performance standard. They also help professionals safeguard their professional membership status.

Carrying out such responsibilities, they serve as industries’ partner in meeting the challenge of staying in compliance with government’s safety at work and training certification legislations and regulations. They also help workers and professionals improve their competence at work thus providing better services to the industry they serve.

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