09 AprProduct Review: Bilstein Sport Shocks

Performance enthusiasts like their cars to be much better than the standard model. From the engine to the suspension, everything must be improved. These people keep modifying their rides and sometimes they do not know when or where to stop. They always want to go faster and faster. The engine can be more powerful; the suspension could be made to allow better traction and handle the bends with more speed. It does not matter what it takes. The only limit to an enthusiast’s thirst for perfection is the budget. A racing shock suspension can be too expensive.

BilsteinA car’s suspenders can be made better without spending too much. Anyway, street cars spend their lifetime on public roads. Bilstein is one of the most trusted names in aftermarket suspension systems and components. It offers the Sport shocks that are more affordable than those designed for the racetrack. According to the manufacturer, these shocks were created to deliver control levels that are higher than the stock ones. Driving enthusiasts can expect superior handling from their cars with these on. Bilstein Sport shocks were designed to match a car’s lowering springs or aftermarket anti-roll bars, at a price that is very affordable. You no longer need to spend money big enough to buy an AMG suspension.

The unit used for the review is a Mazda MX-5 Miata. After the installation of the Bilstein Sport shocks, the first thing that was noticeable was the ride quality, which became firmer. In some places, the vibrations are felt in the chassis. These should be expected because after all, it’s supposed to make the handling sportier. And indeed, the shocks delivered on this promise. Cornering is now a lot better than before. The suspension can soak up the bumps on the road and no more bouncing motion when the car encounters a dip in the road. This setup is the ideal compromise: it’s good enough for driving on the street, traversing highways, and provides grin-inducing fun drives in the back roads.

Bilstein must be commended on this product. The Sport shocks provide the perfect balance between race shocks and stock shocks. Performance enthusiast would find no fault in this set because aside from the handling improvements, they will be surprised how inexpensive the shocks are. If you are looking to move your car’s cornering capabilities to another level without breaking the back, these shocks are for you. Bilstein also offers 4 Wheel Drive Suspension applications for this product.

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