24 JulPersonal Emergency Alarm for Seniors Provides Safety and Security for Seniors Living Independently

Most elderly people choose to live independently for varied personal reasons however, this may put strain on family members, as letting their elderly live alone would mean there is no one to assist them once they need help. For their peace of mind, personal alarm for seniors provides safety and security in times of emergency and the assurance that help will arrive to provide  whatever assistance they might  need. These alarm systems for seniors also make sure that a doctor is just a phone call away and family members are alerted and informed right away when it is most critical.caremate3

Most personal emergency alarm systems for elderly have two-way call program with a base station. Some are with wearable pendant, belt or wristband that has button or clip that patients have to click during emergency or every time they need medical assistance.  By simply pressing the designated button, this personal alarm for seniors will automatically alarm the health care provider and its trained operators who will provide the appropriate actions needed.

For additional benefits, many emergency alarms for seniors are splash resistant meaning seniors can take it to the shower and are safe even when accidentally gets wet. Its button-press feature also allows seniors to feel secure by simply pressing the button. There is also a provision of a test button that the patient can press anytime to know if their senior personal alarm is working.

Again, for providing peace of mind for family members, personal alarm provider will ask patient to nominate at least two family contacts who will hold the keys to the patient’s home for quick access to patient’s home during emergency. They will also make assessment if the patient needs or on patient’s request would send a family member or friend or medical people to check around the clock.

Besides its being simple to use, personal alarm for seniors is easy on the budget and there is no monthly charges and contracts. It is delivered pre-programmed and in most cases only takes 3 to 5 working days to be delivered to the patient’s home.  These elderly alert systems are connected to the main power socket and inserted with an adapter on the phone socket. Instructions are supplied with the unit as well as telephone support for clearing any issue regarding usage, installation and testing functions.

Seniors living alone are always on the higher risks of needing emergency medical attention, as even a simple fall could be fatal. By subscribing to an emergency alarm system for seniors, they can live independently with lesser risks and with much peace of mind that help will arrive at times that they need it most.

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