22 AprHow to Become a Certified Laborer in 3 Steps

Working as a labourer in a construction company is not as easy as some people think. This requires skills in handling certain tools and equipment and, at times, experience in the field too. Aside from that, there are specific certifications one should have such as forklift licence training.

So before you apply for a job in construction, see to it that your resume is enticing enough. Here is how you could jump start your career in this field.

Get a National White Card

study jobThis is the most basic requirement the Work Division of the Department of Commerce will ask from individuals thinking of getting a job in construction. To obtain this, one must undergo construction induction training.

There is no educational requirement for working in this field. However, most Sydney labour hire looks for people who have had basic high school courses like English and Math. Those who underwent welding, shop and blueprint reading courses would most likely be hired on the spot.

Apprenticeship Programs (On the Job)

A lot of people get their training on the job, learning the tricks of the trade from the more experienced members of the crew. However, this won’t give you specific knowledge on handling certain equipment like forklift licence training would. Nevertheless, this is a good start.

Before getting the nod to actually work on site unattended, the labourer in training should complete at least 160 hours on the job. The required number of hours may vary depending on the state you live in or the company you plan to work for.

Additional Licences and Certifications

Major construction projects entail a lot of people doing specific tasks in so many departments. However, there are several responsibilities that can be taken on by one person if he or she has a certification or license for it.

Some of these are Rough Terrain Forklift Operation, Signalling, Lead Abatement, Pipeline Operation and remove non friable asbestos training.

All these are offered in certain colleges and from specialized training facilities that are dedicated to construction work. While it is best to enrol in these courses before applying for a job in the field, you could still be accepted for a job as long as you have the white card.

The salary of labourers, especially those in building and plumbing, can earn as much as $700 every week. But, if you have undergone several training modules as possible – including forklift licence training – and could show certifications for those, then you could negotiate to increase your pay.

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