05 FebCan You Afford to Live in Bali?

Everyone dreams of escaping the urban jungle and all its stress and sham and live somewhere beautiful, idyllic and peaceful. Then again, only a very lucky few get to really live this dream. And a lot of those people are checking out great property for sale Bali.

bali1Bali has always been one of those exotic destinations, often in the bucket list of places to visit before they die. But very recently, it has been the number one place where expats decide to move to and live in.

This sudden influx of foreigners desiring to live in this wonderful Indonesian island is one of the reasons why the price of land for sale in Bali has suddenly gone up. If you want a beach front property (and why would you move to Bali if you’re not getting one of these?), you’ll be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for a really tiny cottage.

But don’t worry if you have not saved a lot for your retirement yet you’re still decided on spending the rest of your life in Bali. You’ve got options.

Those who are on a budget could give it a try for a few months first. Hey, this is fun too! You could live comfortably on a thousand bucks, maybe two, a month. This includes your utility bills and grocery. But remember, this is not property for sale Bali. It’s just renting.

If you can spend over $2,000 per month in Bali, you will be living a pretty comfortable life already. Instead of staying in an apartment that costs $300 to $600, you could rent a beautiful villa overlooking the turquoise waters for $800 to $1000 every month. The rest of your budget is for your daily needs.

You think you could shell out so much more than $3000? This is the time when you look for mansions or villas for sale in Bali. This is a way better option than renting, especially if you are completely resolute about your decision of moving to the island.

It’s all about research. Before you buy your plane ticket to Indonesia, go online and check out possible options on the internet. As mentioned earlier, a lot of expats are loving this island now so various real estate companies are posting house and lots for sale on the internet these days.

If you’re all set on getting a property for sale Bali, talk to your lawyer and work on the documents – that’s really the most important thing for you to do.

Buying a real property in Bali is now easy nowadays, for more information, visit http://www.balirealty.com/

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