CH04Aug_029.jpg;Are you searching for an unforgettable destination to visit on your holidays?Worry no more,we have an answer,Denmark.One of the world’s happiest nations,Denmark has a lot of destinations to visit as well as activities to do as we are going to see.It takes a flight time of around 20 and half hours to travel from Sydney to Copenhagen in Denmark,a distance of 16 034km!

5 must visit places in Denmark.
1.Tivoli Gardens.
Located in Copenhagen at a walking distance from city hall,Tivoli is a recreational garden that has international attraction.It boasts of historic buildings with exotic architecture and lush gardens.At night,the atmosphere around Tivoli Gardens is lit with a myriad of colors that leave the visitors with a lasting memory.Some hallmarks of Tivoli include:
-Exceptional and memorable rides.
-Diversity of dishes.
-Series of events hosting.

2.Copenhagen zoo.
It is located at the helm of of one of the Capital city’s tallest hills,enabling the visitors to view Copenhagen from the tower.It is host to 264 amazing species of animals and the visitors get a chance to experience tropical climate in the 1500m2 rainforest.

The world”s oldest fairground is located north of Copenhagen.What’s more surprising is that the entrance is free!It has drop towers,ferris wheels and 33 roller coasters making it Scandinavia’s leading destination for rides.

4.Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.
Hosting all the latest selection of modern art,this Museum is a must visit place for all art lovers.

5.The Blue Planet.
This is an Aquarium that has fascinating ocean wildlife.It is the largest in Northern Europe and offers nostalgic experiences to visitors of all diversities.

Six amazing activities to engage in Denmark.
If climbing dramatic sand dunes is one of your favorite activities,look no further.The Rubjerg Knude-a buried lighthouse offers memorable sand dune climbing experience to thousands of travelers annually.

2.Swimming with Sharks.
It sounds horrific,right? In Denmark’s shark center,you get a chance to paddle in a kayak to the deepest polar ocean where you experience sea wildlife in their natural environment.You are surrounded by sharks while watching the seals play in their environment.If you are a certified diver,you are allowed to take a dive deep down to the sharks in the Oceanarium!

3.Bridge walking.
Walking on the old Belt bridge will surely leave your adrenaline pumping.It will also allow you to get breathtaking views of the surrounding scenic environment.

4.Color Running.
This activity was introduced in Denmark in 2014.You run for 5km together with thousands fantastic visitors while being bombarded with all the rainbow colors.

5.Watching Sword bottle opening Championship.
Denmark has an annual competition for getting the best champagne bottle opener.What’s amazing is that the bottle is opened with a sword! You don’t want to miss that.

Denmark is a must visit destination for every Australian tourist.Apart from the places to visit mentioned above,there are others such as The striking seascapes in Northern Jutland,Ancient streets of Aalborg,The original LEGOLAND among others .There are also other activities such as meeting real Santa clauses,getting out of Labyrinthia,climbing sand mountains and many more.Denmark has rich and diverse cultural activities that add nostalgia to your traveling experience.Definitely,you should visit Denmark in the soonest time possible.

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11 AprWedding Photography: Capturing Memories

You are happy bride, while he on the other hand is the happy groom. It’s already printed in your mind as you are planning your wedding day together. But have you considered that you should also be hiring the services of a great wedding photographer NYC too so that you do not only get the picture inside of your head? With wedding photos, you will also be able to share the start of your married life with other people.

Wedding video

Why Weddings are Wonderful

Weddings are special for several reasons. While some think that this is just the story of two people tying the knot, it’s also the story of the two families involved as well as their friends. An experienced wedding photographer NYC knows that this would be the day that a father is giving away his daughter to a special young man, with the hopes that his baby girl would be in good hands, just as he cared for her dearly when she was younger. This is also the day that a mother and father would get to see their son have a family of his own, now responsible for someone else other than himself. This is also the day that the two lovers in love meet at the altar, where they will be sharing their vow of together for better or for worse. And as they are saying their “I do’s”, family and friends wish them well, hoping that it’s going to be a wonderful journey for the couples in love.

The Person Who Captures Them All

With every single laugh left hung in the air, or tear cried as lovers, family and friends feel deep love and other mixed emotions, there will be a person busy in the background, telling the story of one and all – the wedding photographer Manhattan behind his camera. The kiss on the lips, the glistening smile, even that of the crowd’s cheer, all can be captured with a single push on the camera button.

Why Hire a Wedding Photographer?

Because the mind can only keep memories in glimpses. Photos on the other hand taken by a wedding photographer NYC can capture even the tiniest details – the intricate beadwork on your wedding dress, the fancy souvenirs that took your several days to choose, and the intricate icing on your wedding cake. What could easily be forgotten in several years, can be easily immortalized with the help of a NYC wedding photographer.

Remember To Choose the Best One

Want great looking wedding photos? Then be sure to hire only the best wedding photographer!

There are many photographers who can capture wedding moments, but only few are those with a keen eye of creativeness and uniqueness. One of the few comes from http://dreamlifewedding.com/.


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18 JanTop places every tourist should visit in Australia

Have you been planning on taking the most breathtaking vacation that will blow your mind? If yes, then Australia should be on top of your list. Being the smallest continent and the largest island in the world Australia offers numerous things to explore. Whether you want to enjoy a cold drink while relaxing on a sun-kissed beach or you want to experience the culture of the Aboriginal people every choice you make will blow your mind. Here is here is an overview of the best places to visit in Australia.


This is the second largest city in Australia and a favourite stop for many tourists. The amazing restaurants, galleries, shops, theaters as well as the European feel are the reasons you should not skip this extraordinary city that sits on the banks the Yarra River. If you love nature then the evergreen gardens, parks and other overwhelming open spaces occupying more than half of the city have a lot to offer. Some of the places you should not forget to check out include the National Gallery Of Victoria, The Royal Botanic Gardens or watch cricket at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

sydney-australiaSydney Opera House

Who has never heard of Sydney Opera House one of the wonders of the world that make Australia unique. Being shaped like billowing sails or huge shells this building is one of the greatest architectural icons in the world. In fact, it is one of the easiest building to recognize in magazines, movies or newspapers. The building is in a stunning location having been surrounded by beautiful blue waters on three sides and the Royal Botanic Garden to the south.

The great barrier reef

Great Barrier Reef which has been listed by the World Heritage is of the largest structures on earth which visible from outer space. This structure was established in 1975 to help in protecting marine life ecosystem which includes over 600 continental islands and 3000 coral reefs. Here you get to explore the inshore mangrove islands and the gorgeous Whitsunday group

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Your trip in Australia can never be complete without visiting Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park located in the heart of Australia red center. This is one of the most thrilling regions in the country which is managed by landowners and Parks Australia. The park rises over 348 M from the nearby plains with most its bulks located beneath the earth’s surface hence the name Uluru meaning Shadowy place

If you are looking for a great place to take your vacation whether alone or with your loved ones the Australia makes perfect destination.

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28 OctBudget Friendly Vacation Ideas that You Should Consider

A lot of people feel tired of the life in the big city. With that, people try hard to save up for a vacation but with all the constraints, they just cannot. But, with good planning and searching for cheap Thailand accommodation, it is something that can be done.

Depositphotos_56604657_s-2015Usually, people dream of an away from home vacation in Thailand. It is one of the best exotic destinations in Asia. If you are on a tight budget, it is important that you look for a reasonably priced Thai hotel accommodation.  People normally dream of a long vacation at the beach. They have to get real because that is not going to happen. It is important to plan a vacation for a few days. Your budget constraints do not allow you to have a month long vacation. There is no way you can push for that.

Go on a regional travel adventure package. Exotic destinations are a must-see. But, if you want to save on money on your trips, the best thing to do is to travel regionally. It allows you to take in the sites of a certain region. For example, if you want to visit Cambodia, you might as well plan a visit to Vietnam and Thailand. These countries are next door to each other. If you can find a packaged tour for this, you are going to save on your Thailand accommodation. This stays true with your accommodations in the other countries.

It is the type of travel technique that brings you closer to a number of tourist destinations that you have longed to visit. You probably have seen these places in the movies, on TV, and in magazines. The nice thing about travelling by region is that you also get to taste various cuisines in a few days. In fact, you can look for a packaged food tour of certain countries rolled into one. By doing so, you can taste Thai satays in Phuket hotels and compare to the ones they have in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Holidays in Thailand are the perfect way to kick start your travel plans. And if you want to go cheap on your travels, go to the smaller cities. To do this, you need to think, research and plan ahead. Consider places that are not in the usual list of travelers.  It may be a national park or a newly developed beach resort. The point is you do not have to limit your choices to popular destinations. Since the destination you are considering is new, chances are it is not as expensive as the others.

Apart from grabbing inexpensive Thailand accommodation, a big way to save on your travel is to grab the cheapest flight possible. In fact, it should be somewhere at the top of a travelers’ list.  It is not really about how much you can save, but what you can do with the money you save.  The more you save on accommodations and airfare, the more money you can use on your activities.

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12 SepFind Your Dream Home With the Help of An Agent

The property market in Sydney is more than just booming. With demand steadily high and not enough supply, it can be difficult to find your dream home now. The key to finding the best properties is to hire a good buyers agent. Sure, there are new buildings and properties being continuously built, but the prices for these brand-new luxury apartments might also be beyond most people’s budgets.


If you are looking for a property investment Sydney, this is the time to buy. Up and coming neighborhoods are popping up, and older ones are being reinvented and coming to life. In short, lots of people want to live in Sydney, which is why you should go and invest now.


By contracting the services of an expert insider, you can expect the following:


1. Great leads


In a huge city like Sydney, it would take a lot of time browsing through ads or websites to know what’s out there. A buyers agent Sydney is updated on properties all over the city and will save you a lot of effort by simply filtering through the list based on your preferences.


2. Insider’s tips


A great buyer’s agent will be well connected. That means he or she will know developers and other contacts who can get you inside information on discounts, special deals or simply when a hot property is finally up for sale. How many times do you hear about a great new development, only to realize that it’s sold out? This situation can be completely avoided if you have a buyers agent to help you.


3. Negotiation and closing the sale


How do you really know how much a house or apartment is worth? Unless you have studied the values in the area, especially for a similar size and age, it is really tough to say for the inexperienced buyer. Moreover, the condition of the property plays a big role.


Your buyers agent will be with you throughout the whole process of inspection, negotiation, and closing the sale. You can benefit from their expert knowledge of property values, possible renovation costs, and simply how to negotiate to make sure you land that dream home within your budget.


There is simply no other way to be able to search and buy your dream house or investment property without the help of an expert agent. You save lots of time and effort, plus you benefit from their expertise and knowledge. So stop thinking that it is a waste of money to pay for their services, because in the end, it will be all worth it.


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17 JulSydney’s Serene Parklife

Travelling can often be a stressful experience, being unfamiliar with the location which you are going to can add to this stress. This blog takes that stress away from you and allows you to explore the range of parks in Sydney when you visit Sydney, Australia.

hydeparkThe most visited tourist attractions in Sydney are the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Both cater to tourists and allow for visits and if planned ahead tourists can even climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge via booking on BridgeClimb.

Ideally located in the centre of the city, close to the Sydney Opera House lies the Royal Botanic Gardens. A place for tourists to take a peaceful stroll around and relax in a serene setting. Tourists can learn about the land and the indigenous Australians of the area.

Ballaarat Park is the ideal location for taking photos, it provides great views of the city skyline by the harbor. Initially seeming vacant it proves to be a great location for individuals looking to wind down and is a great place for a summer picnic with family and friends.

Hyde Park offers a sanctuary in the midst of a busy city centre, providing an insight into the daily occurrences of the city life in Sydney. With a range of buskers and street entertainment within the vicinity visitors often find themselves being caught up in the environment. With a range of statues and water works Hyde Park is a great place to unwind after a busy day. Within close proximity of the park lies Hyde Park Barracks Museum, which offers tales and insight into the lives of those who lived there in the 1800’s. The Museum has a range of exhibits addressing the Australian convict past and would prove to be interesting to curious tourists who want to learn about Australian history.

Sydney is a lively city with great attractions all around, Sydney has a vast range of parks scattered all over the place even with some located in the Central Business District. The Sydney parks provide a range of Australian flora in the form of picturesque flowerbeds. The parks cater to tourists and offer instances of education where more can be learn about the indigenous Australian people or more about the first European settlers. The parks in Sydney are ideally located so that they can be visited in combination with other tourist attractions and are able to be visited at the convenience of the tourist.

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09 AprList of 6 Best Parks in Sydney Australia

This is one of the most important cities for tourists in the world. A list of the best parks in Sydney Australia is therefore not just about personal tastes and preferences but also what the locality has to offer. These recreational spaces are designed to cater for virtually everybody including singles, couples, families and even groups. Here are a few highlights

banjopattersonparkBanjo Paterson Park
This one is found on the Punt road of the Gladesville area. It is particularly interesting because there are a number of recreational activities beyond sightseeing. For example visitors are taught how to make bowls of crochet in a café. There is craft beer walking, swimming and skateboard tracks. The park offers toilet facilities and ample seating both in and outside the shades. Children are welcome to frolic in the playgrounds.

Little Manly Point Park
You can get to this park on Stuart Street within the Manly area. It offers a great family friendly kiosk and café as well as a fully functional playground. Visitors can engage in a range of activities including skateboarding, swimming and biking. The park also offers facilities for group functions within the picnic areas as well as an opportunity to hold a BBQ.

The Clontarf Reserve
Found in the Clontarf area near the Sandy Bay Road; this is one of the best parks in Sydney Australia because of its wide open spaces and interesting activities for everyone in the group. The seating area is particularly impressive and the café serves tasty but affordable meals. It has a swimming pool and facilities for all sorts of outdoor activities including bike rides and skateboard tracks.

Cook Park
The historical connotations of this park hold a special place in the hearts of the locals. Visitors to the Grand Parade in the Brighton Le Sands area are treated to a spectacular show of family entertainment. It does not matter whether you want to have a private gathering without staff or whether you need support to organize a BBQ; this park has it all. There are eateries and bathroom facilities for your convenience.

North Harbour Reserve
This is the perfect opportunity to expand your nature knowledge if you happen to visit the Balgowlah area. The park is situated on the North Harbour Street. It is particularly notable for creating a scooter track for very young children which is very attractive for family outings. It also has a basketball court and a number of interesting excursions.

Darling Quarter
The name says it all for this one. Situated on 1-25 Harbour Street, this remains one of the top attractions of Darling Harbour. First of all the area is teaming with attractive eating areas including restaurants, cafes and kiosks. More importantly; the park has lush water fountains which never fail to stir the kids.

This bustling city belies its reputation as a stark cosmopolitan area by providing wonderful opportunities to experience the raw beauty of nature at its headiest. This list of the best parks in Sydney Australia is only the beginning of the wonderful experiences that you can enjoy when you visit.

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08 DecHoliday Resorts in Australia

One thing that comes in mind of many people each time they hear about holiday is travel and exploration. Investments in resorts have been on increase with hospitality and tourism industries being quite active during these seasons. A variety of spas, lodges and resorts have been developed that provide a variety of services. One of such countries that attract a large number of tourists for holiday vacations is Australia. The premise behind all this investments is ensuring that you have great fun and maximize your holidays.

outdoorspasThese resorts and outdoor spas differ widely in terms of services offered and the type of customers that they receive. While some resorts strictly accommodate the royals of the world by offering executive services to dignitaries only, some as well offer their services to middle class and any customer who can afford to pay the bills and meet the costs. Regardless of which resort you intend to go to, there are some important things to consider so you maximize and obtain the best of your holiday vacations.Top of the list is location of the outdoor spas and holiday resort. This is a vital thing that you should consider when making a decision of which holiday resort to visit. While majority are located in and around the cities, some are as well located in remote places. Therefore, you should understand which type of environment you wish to be in during your holiday. If you intend to go in an environment that is quite cool and more natural in terms of vegetation cover around the place, you might consider visiting remote spas for your holiday. If you intend to stay close to the waters then holiday beach resorts can be best for you.

The cost of services offered should not escape your mind. When going for a holiday vacation in an outdoor spa, one thing you would like to minimize is stress and inconveniences. It will be inconveniencing to go to a spa which you can only afford to pay for accommodation of one night yet with the same cash you can spend a week or so in another spa. Consider your pocket and select a hotel that you will be comfortable through the period.

Services vary from one hotel to the other. These variations exist in foods, customer care and accommodation guidelines among others. You need to do your research properly so that you select a hotel offering services that you are looking for. Doing this will allow you to have relaxed moments during your holiday vacation and you will surely enjoy your stay.

Another important consideration is the activities you intend to engage in during the holiday. Staying in the holiday resort does not limit you within the territorial coverage of the hotel. You can intend to travel to other places around including game parks, popular festivities, monuments and historic places. You can as well opt to engage in activities like boat racing, skiing among others. It is important to identify the activities that you intend to engage in during the holiday and then select a hotel that will give you opportunity to achieve your main objectives.

Australia is endowed with plenty of tourist attraction activities, places and animals that you can enjoy during your holiday vacation. Beautiful spas exist like Windmills Break in Yallingup, Mercure Gold Coast resort in Carrara, Tidal waters resort in St. Helens and Oaks pacific blue resort salamander bay in Port Stephens among others that you can visit and maximize the best of your holiday.

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13 NovInexpensive Private Luxury Villas for that Bali Vacation

Swimming pool at nightA Bali vacation experience can only be summed-up in just two words: simply amazing! This is perhaps one of the reasons why many of the Bali luxury villas are always teeming with tourists – foreign “bules”, Asian adventurers, and local Indonesians alike – that it is more like the Carnival of Rio in Southeast Asia. While the atmosphere can rival that of the Mardi Gras in New Orleans or even the spring break revelry in Florida, it does have its own unique twist to the word ‘vacation hotspot’.

Frolic in the sun, sand and sea

Bali has definitely one of the best beaches in the whole world. Spending your vacation at one of Bali’s best holiday villas will give you unlimited access to its pristine waters, white sandy beaches, great culture, and the warm and friendly nature of the locals in the island.

Your family will never have to worry about spending that much on accommodation because, while you may stay in a private Bali luxury villas, government efforts to stimulate tourism has definitely lowered the costs of food and accommodation. What this literally translates to is you will be spending more on having a truly fun and memorable Bali experience.

The Bali experience

Experiencing the hodgepodge of culture in Bali is like traveling the whole world understanding and learning the different cultures. While Indonesia is largely known as a Muslim-dominated country, it is nonetheless one of the nations that have high religious tolerance.

In Bali, this freedom is expressed in a variety of forms. Just looking at the murals that adorn the lobbies of luxury Bali villas and you can understand why a lot of people from all walks of life and from different corners of the globe come to this tiny island paradise.

The predominant religion in Bali is Buddhism with a small portion of the community being Catholics, Christians, and Muslims. As such, Buddhist traditions are particularly strong. You might even get the chance to partake in local festivities sponsored by Bali luxury villas and other organizations. The thing to understand about Bali is that it has a rich cultural heritage that can offer a welcome respite from days of frolicking in the sun, sand, and sea.

Now that is what you can call a truly one-of-a-kind vacation.

So, be it with your family or your lifetime partner, spending some quality, private and intimate, time in the island paradise of Bali will surely be best served if you are going to stay at only the best Bali villas in the island.

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21 OctTravel by Car While Exploring Scenic Australia

Driving in the outback is a dream of many. You can certainly make this dream come true through car hire Perth. You can find many car rental companies through the internet as you plan your adventure. Perth is located in Western Australia and has the best tourist attractions. Driving around will help get you to the right places because the city has many stunning beaches. You can go to the Wine Tours of Margaret River and enjoy the country’s finest wineries. It’s also convenient to go to Ningaloo Reef wherein it is best known for its underwater geography. The family will surely enjoy snorkeling and discovering different kinds of species.car_au1

If you decide to go to the south, you can car hire in Hobart. This is located in Tasmania wherein you can find a lot of outdoor cafes and restaurants. The city is a bustling harbor, as you can taste the many kinds of beers sold at pubs. It will be easier to get around and even drive by Mt. Wellington, which is great for mountain biking. You can also do bushwalking under the warmth of the beautiful weather.

You can also consider car rental Adelaide because this beautiful southern city is best known for road trippers. It is known as the “The City of Churches” and you can visit the many churches that surround the city. Furthermore, Adelaide has a bustling arts and music scene with yearly festivals you can enjoy. It is also convenient to travel by car to Clare Valley and the Adelaide Hills. You will experience the lovely countryside as you drive yourself to these areas. More importantly, you can go to Kangaroo Island, which has beaches and wildlife. It’s only a two hour drive from Adelaide, which you will surely enjoy.

A car hire Perth will let you have fun under the sun as you go to many picnic areas. There are many places to choose from since the city has beaches and parks. You may even enjoy having a picnic near the riverbanks and forests. It is recommended that you go to City Beach, Mullaloo Beach and Rockingham because these are best known picnic areas.

With a car hire in Perth, you can also visit the South Perth foreshore and Avon Valley. There are so many outdoor places to choose from where you can even go sailing in Matilda Bay. The advantages of a car rental make it easy to plan your itinerary. You can go at your own convenience and take an adventure at your own pace.

Hiring your car when exploring Australia provides not just convenience and comfort to tourists, it also provides maximum advantage in exploring spots that are not included in the itinerary. So, consider hiring with http://carhirenation.com.au/.

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