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13 NovInexpensive Private Luxury Villas for that Bali Vacation

Swimming pool at nightA Bali vacation experience can only be summed-up in just two words: simply amazing! This is perhaps one of the reasons why many of the Bali luxury villas are always teeming with tourists – foreign “bules”, Asian adventurers, and local Indonesians alike – that it is more like the Carnival of Rio in Southeast Asia. While the atmosphere can rival that of the Mardi Gras in New Orleans or even the spring break revelry in Florida, it does have its own unique twist to the word ‘vacation hotspot’.

Frolic in the sun, sand and sea

Bali has definitely one of the best beaches in the whole world. Spending your vacation at one of Bali’s best holiday villas will give you unlimited access to its pristine waters, white sandy beaches, great culture, and the warm and friendly nature of the locals in the island.

Your family will never have to worry about spending that much on accommodation because, while you may stay in a private Bali luxury villas, government efforts to stimulate tourism has definitely lowered the costs of food and accommodation. What this literally translates to is you will be spending more on having a truly fun and memorable Bali experience.

The Bali experience

Experiencing the hodgepodge of culture in Bali is like traveling the whole world understanding and learning the different cultures. While Indonesia is largely known as a Muslim-dominated country, it is nonetheless one of the nations that have high religious tolerance.

In Bali, this freedom is expressed in a variety of forms. Just looking at the murals that adorn the lobbies of luxury Bali villas and you can understand why a lot of people from all walks of life and from different corners of the globe come to this tiny island paradise.

The predominant religion in Bali is Buddhism with a small portion of the community being Catholics, Christians, and Muslims. As such, Buddhist traditions are particularly strong. You might even get the chance to partake in local festivities sponsored by Bali luxury villas and other organizations. The thing to understand about Bali is that it has a rich cultural heritage that can offer a welcome respite from days of frolicking in the sun, sand, and sea.

Now that is what you can call a truly one-of-a-kind vacation.

So, be it with your family or your lifetime partner, spending some quality, private and intimate, time in the island paradise of Bali will surely be best served if you are going to stay at only the best Bali villas in the island.

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21 OctTravel by Car While Exploring Scenic Australia

Driving in the outback is a dream of many. You can certainly make this dream come true through car hire Perth. You can find many car rental companies through the internet as you plan your adventure. Perth is located in Western Australia and has the best tourist attractions. Driving around will help get you to the right places because the city has many stunning beaches. You can go to the Wine Tours of Margaret River and enjoy the country’s finest wineries. It’s also convenient to go to Ningaloo Reef wherein it is best known for its underwater geography. The family will surely enjoy snorkeling and discovering different kinds of species.car_au1

If you decide to go to the south, you can car hire in Hobart. This is located in Tasmania wherein you can find a lot of outdoor cafes and restaurants. The city is a bustling harbor, as you can taste the many kinds of beers sold at pubs. It will be easier to get around and even drive by Mt. Wellington, which is great for mountain biking. You can also do bushwalking under the warmth of the beautiful weather.

You can also consider car rental Adelaide because this beautiful southern city is best known for road trippers. It is known as the “The City of Churches” and you can visit the many churches that surround the city. Furthermore, Adelaide has a bustling arts and music scene with yearly festivals you can enjoy. It is also convenient to travel by car to Clare Valley and the Adelaide Hills. You will experience the lovely countryside as you drive yourself to these areas. More importantly, you can go to Kangaroo Island, which has beaches and wildlife. It’s only a two hour drive from Adelaide, which you will surely enjoy.

A car hire Perth will let you have fun under the sun as you go to many picnic areas. There are many places to choose from since the city has beaches and parks. You may even enjoy having a picnic near the riverbanks and forests. It is recommended that you go to City Beach, Mullaloo Beach and Rockingham because these are best known picnic areas.

With a car hire in Perth, you can also visit the South Perth foreshore and Avon Valley. There are so many outdoor places to choose from where you can even go sailing in Matilda Bay. The advantages of a car rental make it easy to plan your itinerary. You can go at your own convenience and take an adventure at your own pace.

Hiring your car when exploring Australia provides not just convenience and comfort to tourists, it also provides maximum advantage in exploring spots that are not included in the itinerary. So, consider hiring with

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16 AugNational Parks With Adventure Tours To Visit In The U.K.

Are you looking for the best national parks with adventure tours in UK? If so, then there are many amazing national parks and sites that you should visit. The places makes your going for a vacation after a yearlong of hard work rejuvenating. Moreover, it creates a great bonding between you and your friends or family members when you travel together. Here are the national parks you should visit in the U.K.

Brecon Beacons National Park


At this park, visitors are guided to walk across the park through the famous Beacons way. The famous walk is an idea that was conceived by the late John Sansom together with the park society. The walk starts at Skirrid Fawr commonly referred to as the “Holy Mountain.” The holy trail takes approximately seven days through a natural beautiful serene environment of the park that includes: the Craig Cerrig Gleisiad National Nature reserve, Llanthony Priory, and a church at Patricio. You will also get a glimpse of the history that surrounds the Craig – y Nos and Offa’s Dyke. The walk ends at Llandeilo at the Hamlet of Bethlem. It is a classic walk that appeals to everyone visiting for the first and rest assured you will be visiting there annually.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

This park provides over 250 miles of amazing coastal scenery. Local guides are available to guide you through the natural harbors of Porth Clai and Solva. Most people visiting this park enjoy sea kayaking. Sea kayaks run through the rocks and in and out of the caves. The park also has a nice view of dolphins and thousands of sea birds. There are several excellent campsites within the park. Kayaking trips are also organized by the guides at the park.

Cairngorms National Park

If you love mountain biking, then Cairngorms National Park is the place for you. The mountains within the park give the widest area of Arctic wilderness. The park has the cleanest rivers and lochs you will rarely see them elsewhere in the world. It has a number of trails for your ride especially around Loch Morlich and Glenmore lodge. Mountain bike tours are offered and guided by Highlands & Island adventures.


The landscape here is really dramatic at some points. The Roman Army Museum at Carvoran is the best place to from when you visit Northumberland. At the museum, you are shown the wall at an aerial view followed by Roman shots which are computer generated. This gives a clear understanding on how dramatic it was then. While here, you will also get the best view of the Solway coast, Galloway Hills and Windshields Crag highest point.

New Forest

This place is the most lovely in the autumn; the leaves are changing at this time that provides a very nice view of the forest. Getting lost in the forest is also very adventurous. Apart from the adventure of getting lost, you will come across several varieties of mushrooms at different areas of the forest such as: hedgehog mushrooms, oyster mushroom and hen of the woods.

When you travel to United Kingdom, don’t miss the adventure and experience at the sites and above national parks . You have to make sure that you have the relevant documents required for foreigners who want to visit The United Kingdom.

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10 AugCar Rental Tips in NZ – All Based on Our Experience

I am no expert when it comes to traveling. In fact, I have only been to a few other countries besides the one where I was born in for my 35 years of existence. But yes, this article I have written is basically a set of tips about New Zealand car hire.

A few months ago, my wife and I decided to go back to Hamilton with our seven-year old son and three-year old daughter. It was in this area in NZ where I first met her so we decided to spend our 10th year anniversary here – this time with our kids.

No, we’re not that filthy rich. We have been saving up for this trip for the last couple of years. And because we have our children with us, we decided to make sure that we’ll spend on real quality time during our vacation over incidentals like transportation.

This is the reason why I told my wife to go for car rental instead of public transport as soon as we got to the capital. Can you imagine spending hours on a bus going from one place to another without the freedom to make stops when you feel like it?

We’re kind of adventurous and, if you are too, then our first advice is that you really need to rent a car.       Billabong Shoot New Zealand Photo Nick Hamilton

Here, now, is our second advice: make the reservation for that rental while you are planning for the trip.

Mind you, this should not just apply to getting that New Zealand car hire. Do so with your accommodations and, if possible, restaurant reservations. This way, you really get to allocate your funds well for the trip.

You might have heard from ‘travel experts’ that it is best if you go for world-renowned international companies like Avis. Unfortunately, small and remote areas in this country (or anywhere else in the world for that matter), do not have offices of these car for hire agencies.

Besides, it’s not nice for you to judge local businesses so negatively. Some of the car hire in Palmerston are quite reliable. And they’re cheaper too! Again, do your research early on and you will definitely find one that will suit your needs and your budget.

Finally, don’t forget to map out your route. This is not just for the New Zealand car hire company (some will ask for this, after all). This is also for you so that you can prepare for the whole trip really well.

When traveling with the whole family, enjoy the comforts and convenience of exploring Hamilton, New Zealand with a car hire, book yours with

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08 MayPlan To Visit The Canadian National Parks For Adventure

On the off chance that you’ve for a long while been itching to investigate the regular excellence of North America, then you’ll have the capacity to locate some unbelievable pearls covered up in the National Parks of Canada. There’s no better approach to experience the characteristic excellence of the nation than by visiting one, or a few, of the nation’s more than 40 National Parks. In the event that this article wets your voracity, then you can discover at additional at the Parks Canada Agency site.

English Columbia National Parks. No excursion to British Columbia is finished without a visit to Glacier National Park, accepting you don’t visit amid the coldest months of winter when the recreation center is not open. The recreation center, which lies in Canada’s Columbia mountain extent, is home to grizzlies, caribou, and an assortment of different animal varieties local to the range. Talented skiers savor the experience of the back nation skiing open doors accessible inside of the recreation center.Kootenay_National_Park

At the point when in British Columbia, you’ll additionally need to visit Kootenay National Park. This park is open year round, and gives guests looks of intriguing view. Where else would you be able to see prickly plants and ice sheets in the same area? You’ll appreciate a stunning look of the remarkable excellence of the Canadian Rockies when your trek incorporates a stop at Kootenay National Park.

Read more about the Kootenay National Park:

National Parks in Alberta. In case you’re ventures will take you to the Canadian area of Alberta, you must visit both Banff National Park and Wood Buffalo National Park. Both parks are open year round, except for Christmas Day, climate allowing. When you visit Banff, you’ll have the capacity to visit a grand hollow, see a genuine hot springs very close, and appreciate the amazing landscape that comprises of striking glacial masses and mountains.

Wood Buffalo National Park is a perfect destination for the individuals who appreciate open air exercises, including fowl watching, trekking, and kayaking. The most bold explorers may need to have a go at exploring and outdoors in the remote wild stop, however others may choose more present day facilities in one of the adjacent towns.

Yukon National Park. In the event that your voyages take you to the territory of Yukon, you’ll have a chance to view the most astounding top in Canada in Kluane National Park. Known for its tremendous ice fields and steep, tough view, this park is home to Mount Logan. With its top stature of 5959 meters, you won’t locate a taller crest anyplace in the nation. In view of the cold landscape, you’ll have to visit this park in the middle of May and September, in light of the fact that its not open to general society whatever remains of the year.

Planning Your Canadian National Parks Adventure. These are only a couple of the numerous amazing and spectacular national parks situated all through Canada. Regardless of which of the nation’s numerous territories you plan to visit, you won’t be a long way from a National Park with landscape beyond any doubt to blow your mind.Hence make sure you travel to Canada.

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17 AprWhat to Pack When Traveling to Kangaroo Island

kangaroo1A trip to Australia can be made even more colorful by visiting one of the country’s biggest prides, the Kangaroo Island. There are many things to do and things to see in here that will surely define a fun adventure for you. If you are in for a romantic escape Kangaroo Island, it can be had, too. Suffice it is to say that this haven off the coast of South Australia is one of the most promising destinations that you should not miss.

One of the things that could well define your trip to this wondrous beauty is the contents of your luggage. That’s why in this article, we decided to give you insights not just on how you can have a romantic escape Kangaroo Island but what you could actually bring to make the trip positive all around. Read on and learn our take.

Temperatures at the Island is sweater-friendly

It is pretty interesting to know that even in summer, the temperature in the island can hit low. That’s one of the many reasons a romantic escape Kangaroo Island is very viable among excited travelers. But, this also mean sweaters and wind-breakers and any piece of clothing that could help keep you warm should have a place in your bag. Remember to pick one or two, depending on how cold you expect the weather to be. Just as you would not be guessing, check the temperature range at the time of your travel.

Love the sun but protect yourself from it

Let’s face it. This coastal destination is encouraging guests to be outdoors – to embrace the active life and to love the sun. But, the sun could not be good to you if it directly hits your skin. So, you better bring essential protection against it through comfy clothing, sunscreen lotion, hats, and sunglasses. Be sure to pack this along with your swimsuits and gears. You can only enjoy an exclusive holiday Kangaroo Island if you have everything you need to enjoy and be comfortable at the same time.

Preserve the wonderful memories of your trip

This trip to the Kangaroo Island is one of the most photographic vacations you could ever have. Make sure that you are well prepared to obtain keepsakes of such a relaxing outing away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will best enjoy your Kangaroo Island seafront resort in clear pictures and quality videos afterwards. Pack your gadgets and things for this.

With a fun-filled nature and beach experience, Kangaroo Beach Island is your one-stop destination for a getaway, book now with

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30 NovExperience the Amazing Parks of “The Land of Morning Calm”

Sitting on the Korean Peninsula in North-East Asia, Korea is neighbored by China to the northwest and Russia to the northeast. North Korea and South Korea are separated by a 4 km wide stretch of land. Majority of the national parks in Korea are found in South Korea. While the Southern part of Korea is covered by well-developed plains which make it an international hiking destination, the northern part is mountainous and tilts to the East famous for hosting eminent camping sites

Korea’s climatic conditions vary drastically from North to South. “The Land of The Morning Calm”, a nickname given to South Korea, comes from the calm coastline and a relatively warm and wet climate similar to that of Japan. Its Ria coastline is known as Dadohae-jin in Korean. The convoluted coastline results in mild seas, resulting in perfect conditions and environment for fishing, safe navigation and sea weed farming. National parks are among the key attractions here. The following are some of the most visited by tourists from all around the world and locally.

Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National ParkBukhansan is designated as the first national park in South Korea. It is festooned under natural forested areas, granite peaks and temples. The three major granite peaks include: Insubong, 810.5 m which is the tallest, Mangnyeongdae, 799.5 m and Baekundae, 836.5 m. The famous Bukhansanseong Fortress with a long defensive wall (9.6 km) built in 132 AD is found here. A number of rocky overlapping hills “sleep” across the horizons, some of which are covered in thick dark green forests creating enticing micro-climates for various animal species. If you love mountain climbing, the rocky hills and steep mountains in this park will certainly amuse you when you visit in Korea.

Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan National park sits on the foot of Tabaek mountain range in eastern southern Korea. It is mostly frequented by many tourists both nationally and internationally throughout autumn. This is the best time to be here when the land is transformed into a haven of bright red and yellow forest cover. With a mixture of butterflies; brighter, bigger, fluffier and so on, all flying all over the space, one finds the pomp and color that fills the atmosphere particularly irresistible. Perhaps, all you shall want to do is look for nice shade, sit on your low custom chair facing one of the streams and begin to meditate on this dazzling land.

Sobaeksan National Park

Sobaeksan is the name of the mountain which this park sits on. One out of the ordinary thing about this park is the white color theme formed by snow on dried twigs that hang conspicuously when you visit in winter. Come again during summer and you will realize the kind of splendor that the snow had previous destroyed. During this time, over 1,067 plant species sprout their leaves and a wide range of animal species begin to migrate in, some of which come out from hibernation to feed on foliage. Hiking is the main activity here; it is backed with excellent resorts to hang about. It’s a really beautiful place to be for your holiday.

Taeanhaean National Park

Taeanhaean national park is a marine park designated as the 13th national park in South Korea. It lies on a 230 km stretch of coastal land containing 26 beaches and a sundry coastal ecosystem. For those who love water games, this park has one-of-its-kind environments to try out any type of game you would wish when you travel to South Korea. With such a long coastal stretch, it will take you not less than a month of far-reaching trip to cover all kind of attractions here; talk of adrenaline pumping water games, salient marine species, legendary land marks and many more.

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10 SepWorld’s Best National Park Holidays

If you want to have a fun filled holiday but you aren’t sure what to do, traveling to one of the best national parks in the world might just be the right thing to do. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family and friends, the top 5 national parks in the world listed below, are without a doubt, one among the best places to be in.

Whether you choose to go to the park closest to your home or opt to take a long trip, you are going to love being close to nature as a family. Trying to decide which one among the several national parks in the world is the best one to visit can be quite challenging. Honestly, they are all beautiful and exciting for one reason or the other. But still, only five can make this list!

KruegerNationalpark1. Kruger National Park 

South Africa is well-known for its extraordinary landscapes, packed with a lot of flora and fauna, which promises to charm natives and tourists alike. As one among the biggest game reserves in Africa, this national park occupies an area of 19,633square kilometers, and is home to some of the world’s most rare and most incredible animals, like rhino, lion, cheetah, and elephant. Over the years, the tourism industry in South Africa has taken off, with numerous people booking safari holidays to observe the incredible wildlife. The rugged landscape of this national park guarantees that every visitor will leave with a camera stocked with numerous unforgettable photos.

2. Yosemite National Park 

This national park covers over 3080 square kilometers area, and is full of spectacular waterfalls, cliffs, and forests. More than 3.7 million people visit Yosemite each year, with many people choosing to spend their time in Yosemite Valley. Home to great sights like the Half Dome, Yosemite Valley is an area overflowing with natural beauty, as well as a very rich history that a visitor will certainly enjoy learning about. These days, the adventurous visitors choose to go rock climbing, or even hiking. Its gorgeous scenery makes it the perfect place to combine sport and beauty.

3. Yellowstone National Park

This park covers an area of 8932 square kilometers. It holds geysers, hot springs, canyons, valleys, basins, and lakes in it. Also, a good collection of wildlife has found this national park as their home place, adding even more beauty to it. The park is mainly used for fishing, hiking, boating, and resting a day in one’s busy routine life.

4. Galapagos National Park

This is a relatively new national park and a World Heritage Site, having been established in the year 1959. Comprising of an archipelago of smaller islands, visits to this national park have been restricted, because of the area’s delicate ecosystem. The Galapagos Islands are home to a variety of incredible wildlife, like sea lions, giant tortoises, and birds of prey, not to mention volcanoes which visitors can hike across. Even though the Galapagos Islands are a slightly exclusive location that may cost you quite some money to visit, they’re all well worth traveling to.

5. Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is a US icon and is the fifteenth oldest national park in the country. The park’s history dates back to the year 1919 when it first became a national park; however, it’s said to be thousands of years old. There are several routes to take in the Grand Canyon, whether it’s on a helicopter ride or on foot. Despite the angle it’s viewed at, the Canyon never fails to amaze anybody who looks upon it.

Activities like rafting and hiking are commonly enjoyed in this park, as well as camping in one among the established campgrounds. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is also a common way to view the Canyon. The transparent bridge juts over the canyon, giving a once in a lifetime view.

In conclusion, if you’re planning to spend your holiday at a beautiful place that help you re-energize and rejuvenate, the above top 5 national parks in the world are some of the best places to consider visiting.

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24 AugTipping on Hotels Around the World

hotelsSo, you have been planning to hop on around the world. Are you wondering what is the tipping structure on hotels that are part of your target? The tipping style in different countries entails more than your judgment on the quality of storage beds packed in your room. It is mostly defined by culture. Some countries welcome tipping warmly while others look at it as rude and offensive. Since hotel workers are likely to be locals in the destination you are in, you really need to be careful.

Who to Tip?

Before we get down to business, let us first make it understood who the people you are likely to tip.

Those who are in the higher ups do not expect to get a tip from their guests, even if it is customary or required. That means there is no need to tip the hotel manager. In countries where tipping is appreciated, it usually lands on the hands of the porters, the housekeepers or the people who keep storage beds and the entire room neat, and although rarely, the concierge. In countries where service charge is included on the total bill, the tip is divided equally to the members of the hotel staff.

How to Tip…

In the United States?

Porters expect about $1-$2 of tip per bag that you seek their help with. For housekeepers, giving anything from $2-$5 is deemed acceptable. It is a custom to give out tips to hotel staff in the U.S. It is also the same thing in Canada.

In Dubai?

People in the Middle East works very hard to keep their foreign guests at home and comfortable. Many hotels, especially in Dubai, provide storage that keep extra space for their guests to store their things safely. It is a mandate all over this blooming cosmopolitan that a 10% service charge is added to hotel bills, as well as in bars and restaurants. That amount is sliced equally among the staff.

In Morocco?

This highly in demand African destination appreciates tips from guests. The custom is to give at least $2 per bag for the porter, $5 per night for the housekeeper, and $10 upon arrival for the concierge. Don’t worry because the amounts you will be giving out are equated with impeccable service. For luxurious stays, it is common to find prepped up leather sofa beds for your comfort. They will surely make you want to own one back home. Your best resort is to enjoy the moment at your hotel and then look for a sofa bed sale in your locale when you get home.

In Thailand?

Tipping is not customary in this beautiful Southeast Asia destination. With some hotels, however, a 10% service charge is added to the bill.

In Japan?

Good service is mandatory among Japanese people and they are too polite to accept tips. You only need to pay exactly what you are charged.

Tipping mostly encourages extra good service in destinations where they are accepted. Don’t worry because some hotel staff does not expect much. They are grateful for even the smallest amounts that are given to them.

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16 JulTop Getaways for Getting Fit

Weight loss camps and retreat destinations are becoming quite popular among travel-savvy individuals. Some good examples of those are the health farms Sydney that is offering conducive environment to get well and to get “fit” at the same time. There are also a whole lot of them outside Australia. All are offering the same pristine surroundings that inspire individuals to shed off the pounds and move up to a healthier lifestyle.

Health farms Sydney are mostly located in choice areas where travelers and locals alike can find a rejuvenating retreat that’s not necessarily restful. But, you will come out a better person for sure.

The Chi of Life in Sunshine Coast

This is a live-in, exclusive residential retreat. The limitation on the number of participants was intended for guaranteed results. It is where you can find a striking balance on your nutrition, exercise, mindset, and wellness.

The Cabarita Ocean Health Retreat in Northern NSW

getawayretreatsThis is an ocean front health destination where activities are mostly related to the pristine surroundings featuring the sun, sea, and sand. It is also quite famous for its signature spa treatments and organic diets as part of its full health program.

The Cedarvale Health and Lifestyle Retreat in Kangaroo Valley

Nestled in an unspoiled rainforest, this health retreat features over five kilometers of walking trails. This is more than just a fitness boot camp. It is also a place to improve your lifestyle. You can gain much strength to enjoy a better quality of life through its healing programs, stress-busting treatments, and fitness regimen. Cedarvale is not just for those aiming for weight loss retreat but also for those who want to recover from depression and those who want to quit smoking and alcohol. It features sound meals, massage, hydrotherapy, and body wraps among others.

OnTrack Retreats

This is considered the best among the health farms Sydney. Not only will you be assured of the ultimate fitness results with its personalized and focused programs but also provide you choices among several stunning locations all over. OnTrack Retreats, you can assure of a long-term success with its well supported and well crafted programs.

Apart from the health retreats in Sydney and the health resorts NSW, you also have some other choices overseas. Here’s the most formidable:

The Body holiday in St. Lucia

Think about a Caribbean resort that gotten a boot camp makeover. The Bodyholiday trainings are headed by renowned marathoners, ex-Olympians, and professional athletes who will give you the drive to sweat it out. You can get fit through aerobics in the morning, windsurfing in the afternoon and Ashtanga yoga in the evening. There is also a 7am beach boot camp class and a four-mile marathon that you could join in while perusing the breathtaking sceneries.

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