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12 MayLove Strolling in the Park? Enjoy These Best Parks in the World

Parks are among top places to visit in any world destination. Parks are for relaxation and recreation, and it’s the best place to learn more of the country you’re visiting. Let’s take a look at different parks in the world and see what they have to offer.

Hyde Park-London

Hyde Park is London’s favorite park, and it’s one among its royal parks. The park boasts of the famous London’s landmarks with the likes of Serpentine Lake, Speakers’ Corners and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. It has several recreational spaces for swimming, boating, tennis, and English’ favorite horse-riding.

Villa Borghese -Rome                                                     


It is Rome’s third largest public park measuring about 80 hectares. It plays host to several buildings, museums, and attractions. It is sprawling landscape garden closely imitating nature that is definitely great for some strolling. The park offers several walking paths and along the way, there are several attractions worth stopping over like Campo Di Fiori, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and Pantheon, and that you’ll enjoy refreshment shops, ice cream parlors and some formal dining restaurants and kiosks for quick bites. The park is always full of locals and tourists all year round.

Tiergarten – Berlin, Germany

The Tiergarten is Berlin’s version of London’s Hyde and New York’s Central Park. It’s a typical green garden but more of an English style park. It’s great for lazy strolling and along the way, beautiful sights welcome every jogger and walker such as Flower bed on Luiseninsei, memorial statues commemorating “the hunting days” like the Buffalo hunt, Bismarck Memorial and Victory Column and memorial for Berlin’s famous music trio; Beethoven-Hayden and Mozart. The Bellevue palace offers relaxing stop for park goers.

Central Park- New York, USA

Central Park is New York’s famous park, and it’s where upper class and lower class meet. The sprawling square park offers several attractions such as The Lake, the small bridge, the rowboat and the Mall wide boulevard lined with Elm trees. If you’re a pop music fan, step on to Strawberry Fields and pay tribute to John Lennon. The park is best known for its open spaces – The Sheep’s meadows, Oval Lawn, and Great Lawn.

Suropati Park- Jakarta, Indonesia

It’s the oldest park in Jakarta and has plenty of shady trees but it isn’t what it’s famous for. It’s the free music and performances from local artists that is known for, and one can just sit and listen to all world-class performances. There are also free activities for everyone like yoga and aerobics. The park is located in the upscale Menteng. giving it a close proximity to upscale restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls.

Yoyogi Park- Tokyo, Japan

It’s a park with western style and the best place to witness the golden leaves of Ginko tree fall. Enjoy Yoyogi’s beautiful stands of red maple trees and yellow ginkgo trees and its magnificent shooting fountains amidst the still waters of the manmade lake. The park also offers the best spot to enjoy Cherry blossoms or Hanami watching. The park has beautiful stands of Cherry blossoms creating wonderful sights turning everything in amazing colors.

Parks are created for people to enjoy sightseeing and some relaxing moments. Some are the best place to enjoy activities but it is the quiet and relaxing atmosphere that makes them a must-see places in any destination, and by this standard that most stand for.

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16 AugNational Parks With Adventure Tours To Visit In The U.K.

Are you looking for the best national parks with adventure tours in UK? If so, then there are many amazing national parks and sites that you should visit. The places makes your going for a vacation after a yearlong of hard work rejuvenating. Moreover, it creates a great bonding between you and your friends or family members when you travel together. Here are the national parks you should visit in the U.K.

Brecon Beacons National Park


At this park, visitors are guided to walk across the park through the famous Beacons way. The famous walk is an idea that was conceived by the late John Sansom together with the park society. The walk starts at Skirrid Fawr commonly referred to as the “Holy Mountain.” The holy trail takes approximately seven days through a natural beautiful serene environment of the park that includes: the Craig Cerrig Gleisiad National Nature reserve, Llanthony Priory, and a church at Patricio. You will also get a glimpse of the history that surrounds the Craig – y Nos and Offa’s Dyke. The walk ends at Llandeilo at the Hamlet of Bethlem. It is a classic walk that appeals to everyone visiting for the first and rest assured you will be visiting there annually.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

This park provides over 250 miles of amazing coastal scenery. Local guides are available to guide you through the natural harbors of Porth Clai and Solva. Most people visiting this park enjoy sea kayaking. Sea kayaks run through the rocks and in and out of the caves. The park also has a nice view of dolphins and thousands of sea birds. There are several excellent campsites within the park. Kayaking trips are also organized by the guides at the park.

Cairngorms National Park

If you love mountain biking, then Cairngorms National Park is the place for you. The mountains within the park give the widest area of Arctic wilderness. The park has the cleanest rivers and lochs you will rarely see them elsewhere in the world. It has a number of trails for your ride especially around Loch Morlich and Glenmore lodge. Mountain bike tours are offered and guided by Highlands & Island adventures.


The landscape here is really dramatic at some points. The Roman Army Museum at Carvoran is the best place to from when you visit Northumberland. At the museum, you are shown the wall at an aerial view followed by Roman shots which are computer generated. This gives a clear understanding on how dramatic it was then. While here, you will also get the best view of the Solway coast, Galloway Hills and Windshields Crag highest point.

New Forest

This place is the most lovely in the autumn; the leaves are changing at this time that provides a very nice view of the forest. Getting lost in the forest is also very adventurous. Apart from the adventure of getting lost, you will come across several varieties of mushrooms at different areas of the forest such as: hedgehog mushrooms, oyster mushroom and hen of the woods.

When you travel to United Kingdom, don’t miss the adventure and experience at the sites and above national parks . You have to make sure that you have the relevant documents required for foreigners who want to visit The United Kingdom.

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10 MayEnjoy your trip to Europe by visiting its pristine national parks

National parks are protected wildlife reserves where rare flora and fauna coexist together. Entry to these places is strictly regulated by authorities so that the habitats aren’t destroyed by human activities. Some of them only allow a certain number of visitors per day for the same reasons stated above. Below are some of the best natural parks in Europe.

The Geopark, Spainpark

Geopark is located towards the northern territory of Seville province, found within its boundaries are two antique Nature Monuments and several Andalusian geological hotspots that are unique to the region. It covers an estimated area of 177,484 ha and contains materials that date back to the Triassic and Permian era, this site has been useful to archeologists who often frequent it to search for clues of Europe’s ancient landscape. Also found here are anomalous medusa imprints that date back thousands of years, it being the biggest concentration of medusa specimen found within the entire Iberian Peninsula. Visitors would as well marvel at attractions such as the caballera stones, sandy soils, dales, crags and cupola-shaped domes.

Pyrenees, France

The Pyrenees is a large mountainous range found towards the southwest of Europe, it forms the natural border between Spain and France. This territory also curves out the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe. Conspicuous aspects of this reserve include the absence of great lakes such as those found in the neighboring Alpine range, visitors would also marvel at the rarity and colossal elevation of underground passes found in the region. The largest waterfall in France known as Gavarnie is also found in Pyrenees, it drops down to about 1,515ft and forms a beautiful rainbow upon coming to contact with the river below. This natural cascade is fed by melting snows and glaciers in higher parts of the range. Pyrenees is without a doubt one of the finest natural parks in Europe.

Snowdonia Reserve, Wales

Snowdonia is the largest natural park in Wales covering an estimated area of 823 sq. miles, it was first set aside as a national reserve in the year 1951. This territory is home to the highest mountain range in Wales and attracts approximately 6 million guests every year, making it the 3rd most popular park in England. This site is perfect for hikers and mountaineers since it boasts of natural trails that swivel up the terrain in interlinking channels, camping is also allowed though guests would have to report their stay with the management beforehand. This way they can plan appropriately and prevent unnecessary congestion, they can also send immediate help to campers in case of an emergency.

Read more about a Geopark by visiting:

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