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21 OctTravel by Car While Exploring Scenic Australia

Driving in the outback is a dream of many. You can certainly make this dream come true through car hire Perth. You can find many car rental companies through the internet as you plan your adventure. Perth is located in Western Australia and has the best tourist attractions. Driving around will help get you to the right places because the city has many stunning beaches. You can go to the Wine Tours of Margaret River and enjoy the country’s finest wineries. It’s also convenient to go to Ningaloo Reef wherein it is best known for its underwater geography. The family will surely enjoy snorkeling and discovering different kinds of species.car_au1

If you decide to go to the south, you can car hire in Hobart. This is located in Tasmania wherein you can find a lot of outdoor cafes and restaurants. The city is a bustling harbor, as you can taste the many kinds of beers sold at pubs. It will be easier to get around and even drive by Mt. Wellington, which is great for mountain biking. You can also do bushwalking under the warmth of the beautiful weather.

You can also consider car rental Adelaide because this beautiful southern city is best known for road trippers. It is known as the “The City of Churches” and you can visit the many churches that surround the city. Furthermore, Adelaide has a bustling arts and music scene with yearly festivals you can enjoy. It is also convenient to travel by car to Clare Valley and the Adelaide Hills. You will experience the lovely countryside as you drive yourself to these areas. More importantly, you can go to Kangaroo Island, which has beaches and wildlife. It’s only a two hour drive from Adelaide, which you will surely enjoy.

A car hire Perth will let you have fun under the sun as you go to many picnic areas. There are many places to choose from since the city has beaches and parks. You may even enjoy having a picnic near the riverbanks and forests. It is recommended that you go to City Beach, Mullaloo Beach and Rockingham because these are best known picnic areas.

With a car hire in Perth, you can also visit the South Perth foreshore and Avon Valley. There are so many outdoor places to choose from where you can even go sailing in Matilda Bay. The advantages of a car rental make it easy to plan your itinerary. You can go at your own convenience and take an adventure at your own pace.

Hiring your car when exploring Australia provides not just convenience and comfort to tourists, it also provides maximum advantage in exploring spots that are not included in the itinerary. So, consider hiring with

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10 AugCar Rental Tips in NZ – All Based on Our Experience

I am no expert when it comes to traveling. In fact, I have only been to a few other countries besides the one where I was born in for my 35 years of existence. But yes, this article I have written is basically a set of tips about New Zealand car hire.

A few months ago, my wife and I decided to go back to Hamilton with our seven-year old son and three-year old daughter. It was in this area in NZ where I first met her so we decided to spend our 10th year anniversary here – this time with our kids.

No, we’re not that filthy rich. We have been saving up for this trip for the last couple of years. And because we have our children with us, we decided to make sure that we’ll spend on real quality time during our vacation over incidentals like transportation.

This is the reason why I told my wife to go for car rental instead of public transport as soon as we got to the capital. Can you imagine spending hours on a bus going from one place to another without the freedom to make stops when you feel like it?

We’re kind of adventurous and, if you are too, then our first advice is that you really need to rent a car.       Billabong Shoot New Zealand Photo Nick Hamilton

Here, now, is our second advice: make the reservation for that rental while you are planning for the trip.

Mind you, this should not just apply to getting that New Zealand car hire. Do so with your accommodations and, if possible, restaurant reservations. This way, you really get to allocate your funds well for the trip.

You might have heard from ‘travel experts’ that it is best if you go for world-renowned international companies like Avis. Unfortunately, small and remote areas in this country (or anywhere else in the world for that matter), do not have offices of these car for hire agencies.

Besides, it’s not nice for you to judge local businesses so negatively. Some of the car hire in Palmerston are quite reliable. And they’re cheaper too! Again, do your research early on and you will definitely find one that will suit your needs and your budget.

Finally, don’t forget to map out your route. This is not just for the New Zealand car hire company (some will ask for this, after all). This is also for you so that you can prepare for the whole trip really well.

When traveling with the whole family, enjoy the comforts and convenience of exploring Hamilton, New Zealand with a car hire, book yours with

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