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15 JulStunning Villa Accommodations – Let You Live Like Royalty

If you want to get the most from your Bali vacation, you must book a luxury accommodation. But wait, it doesn’t mean you have to be a big spender as there are accommodation and villa in Seminyak and other Bali tourists’ areas that offer luxury treats without breaking the bank. Here’s where to look, book and how.

Bali Highlands

Swimming pool on the beachCulture rich Bali Highlands host a number of luxury Bali hotels and villas that are either freestanding or private villas. The thriving fields become the backdrop of these beautiful and stunning villas decorated with original Balinese artworks. The seemingly endless rice paddies offer authentic backdrop of Bali’s dramatic cultural display, which aimed at providing utmost relaxation that is fully integrated with Bali’s beach experience. Bali’s Highlands is perfect for the kind of tranquility that leaves the body and soul renewed and reinvigorated. Booking can be done through online such like when booking for an accommodation and villa in Seminyak. There’s an added perk when you book through authorized booking sites such as late check in, room upgrades and a certain amount of spa credits.


Seminyak is without doubt Bali’s most popular tourist spot as it defines what tropical paradise is. Accommodation and villa in Seminyak has direct beach access and open-to-the sky courtyards laced with luxury that one never knew existed. The open-to-the sky spaces are simply mesmerizing and provide sense of light and airiness that is perfect for relaxation and soul-searching. Seminyak hotels on the other hand, perk up vacation activities with pre-arranged water or indoor sports activities such as golf, kayaking and indoor swimming. Seminyak is home to world’s most beautiful hotel beaches and booking a room will totally makes your Bali experience loaded with luxuries and pampering treats. Book directly on their websites or through booking sites and earn credits for free room upgrades for your next trip.


Uluwatu is home of many best hotel in Bali and villas with lush tropical garden. These accommodations are known for exceptional luxury and if you book one directly from their sites, you simply start your dreamy Bali experience once you arrive and checks in. Some are nestled between the beach and cozy Bali recreational areas. Hotels and accommodations simply provide the best retreat after surfing adventures. The infinity pools provide some lazy day treats while enjoying the great Indian Ocean views. Spa in Spice island’s signature rituals take off the body tiredness and great Balinese spirits while the  foods fill the body to bring back lost energy and refresh the nerves.

For your next Bali escapade, simply book a stunning Bali villa and experience how to live like a royalty.


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13 JulExperience Different Thailand with the Most Luxurious 2 Bedroom Villas in Phuket & Ko Samui

Thailand is slowly redefining the meaning of vacation nowadays. It isn’t simply about going to beautiful places and experiencing extraordinary activities anymore. Accordingly, the 2 bedroom villas in Phuket and Ko Samui are also a hub of tourists today. Because of its relaxing and rejuvenating nature ambiance, it offers something different to those who want to try the different facet of the Asian country.

The luxury villas in Thai style hotel on Palm Jumeirah man-madeFor over the years, many tourists have found renting private Thai villas more gratifying. They loved it better than staying in luxurious hotels and resorts. Privacy and convenience are the first and foremost reasons for it. Aside from that, they also found the impressive list of nature-friendly villa choices good for having the right one for their budget and needs.

Unlike in other accommodations, the villas open more doors for the tourist to immerse in Thailand’s culture. The private houses were usually themed after natives. It could about the decoration or structure of the place. Even budget travelers can try these things anytime.

The location is something to behold too. Moreover, most villas are situated in hideaways where it is nice to relax and to rejuvenate. Both the house and the location give the best option to know more about Thailand while vacationing. If you are into privacy, you could have it then you just need to go out to interact with others.

The 2 bedroom villas in Phuket and Ko Samui are now the biggest market in Thailand for private renting. Bangkok, the country’s main city, is before travelers’ favorite. It is nice that people are likewise warming up to new places like the two. The Phuket and Ko Samui impressive history and sceneries are indeed something to try with its stunning accommodations.

Some of the best luxury Phuket villas are Baan Kata Keeree, Baan Nicolina, Villa Padma, Villa Amarapura and Villa Kalipay. All of these are must visit places to see where you will not only enjoy luxury and comfort but Thailand’s culture as well.

Each of the villas has a panoramic view of nature. It could be the sea or the greeneries. You will see the other side of Thailand here that is calming and rejuvenating. The 2 bedroom villas in Phuket will certainly give you a shot of paradise.

Meanwhile, Ko Samui will trap you in its tropical splendors too. It has the same allure as the waters of Phuket but it is more backpacker style. The 2 bedroom villas in Ko Samui are another taste of its culture. Travelers will indeed love staying here while learning more about Thailand.

Take your family or your spouse in Phuket, Thailand and enjoy its great offers that await every type of traveler.

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28 OctBudget Friendly Vacation Ideas that You Should Consider

A lot of people feel tired of the life in the big city. With that, people try hard to save up for a vacation but with all the constraints, they just cannot. But, with good planning and searching for cheap Thailand accommodation, it is something that can be done.

Depositphotos_56604657_s-2015Usually, people dream of an away from home vacation in Thailand. It is one of the best exotic destinations in Asia. If you are on a tight budget, it is important that you look for a reasonably priced Thai hotel accommodation.  People normally dream of a long vacation at the beach. They have to get real because that is not going to happen. It is important to plan a vacation for a few days. Your budget constraints do not allow you to have a month long vacation. There is no way you can push for that.

Go on a regional travel adventure package. Exotic destinations are a must-see. But, if you want to save on money on your trips, the best thing to do is to travel regionally. It allows you to take in the sites of a certain region. For example, if you want to visit Cambodia, you might as well plan a visit to Vietnam and Thailand. These countries are next door to each other. If you can find a packaged tour for this, you are going to save on your Thailand accommodation. This stays true with your accommodations in the other countries.

It is the type of travel technique that brings you closer to a number of tourist destinations that you have longed to visit. You probably have seen these places in the movies, on TV, and in magazines. The nice thing about travelling by region is that you also get to taste various cuisines in a few days. In fact, you can look for a packaged food tour of certain countries rolled into one. By doing so, you can taste Thai satays in Phuket hotels and compare to the ones they have in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Holidays in Thailand are the perfect way to kick start your travel plans. And if you want to go cheap on your travels, go to the smaller cities. To do this, you need to think, research and plan ahead. Consider places that are not in the usual list of travelers.  It may be a national park or a newly developed beach resort. The point is you do not have to limit your choices to popular destinations. Since the destination you are considering is new, chances are it is not as expensive as the others.

Apart from grabbing inexpensive Thailand accommodation, a big way to save on your travel is to grab the cheapest flight possible. In fact, it should be somewhere at the top of a travelers’ list.  It is not really about how much you can save, but what you can do with the money you save.  The more you save on accommodations and airfare, the more money you can use on your activities.

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13 NovInexpensive Private Luxury Villas for that Bali Vacation

Swimming pool at nightA Bali vacation experience can only be summed-up in just two words: simply amazing! This is perhaps one of the reasons why many of the Bali luxury villas are always teeming with tourists – foreign “bules”, Asian adventurers, and local Indonesians alike – that it is more like the Carnival of Rio in Southeast Asia. While the atmosphere can rival that of the Mardi Gras in New Orleans or even the spring break revelry in Florida, it does have its own unique twist to the word ‘vacation hotspot’.

Frolic in the sun, sand and sea

Bali has definitely one of the best beaches in the whole world. Spending your vacation at one of Bali’s best holiday villas will give you unlimited access to its pristine waters, white sandy beaches, great culture, and the warm and friendly nature of the locals in the island.

Your family will never have to worry about spending that much on accommodation because, while you may stay in a private Bali luxury villas, government efforts to stimulate tourism has definitely lowered the costs of food and accommodation. What this literally translates to is you will be spending more on having a truly fun and memorable Bali experience.

The Bali experience

Experiencing the hodgepodge of culture in Bali is like traveling the whole world understanding and learning the different cultures. While Indonesia is largely known as a Muslim-dominated country, it is nonetheless one of the nations that have high religious tolerance.

In Bali, this freedom is expressed in a variety of forms. Just looking at the murals that adorn the lobbies of luxury Bali villas and you can understand why a lot of people from all walks of life and from different corners of the globe come to this tiny island paradise.

The predominant religion in Bali is Buddhism with a small portion of the community being Catholics, Christians, and Muslims. As such, Buddhist traditions are particularly strong. You might even get the chance to partake in local festivities sponsored by Bali luxury villas and other organizations. The thing to understand about Bali is that it has a rich cultural heritage that can offer a welcome respite from days of frolicking in the sun, sand, and sea.

Now that is what you can call a truly one-of-a-kind vacation.

So, be it with your family or your lifetime partner, spending some quality, private and intimate, time in the island paradise of Bali will surely be best served if you are going to stay at only the best Bali villas in the island.

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06 MarThe growth of Asian parks

Asia, for years has been a grand territory for the endangered species, most of which take refuge in some of the top delight parks. The rain forests, beach parks and the jungles provide a principal view of the best parks in Asia. Asian amusement parks outshine with brilliant live concerts, leisure watch from the cinemas and the television shows. These Live entertainment systems include the live dancers, actors and actress on the stage.

Economic growth of the Top Asian parks

Quick economic growth of a park is facilitated by the large number of tourists visiting the park. Therefore, these top amusement parks in Asia have recorded a stable economic increase due to the stable attendance that grows daily. Asia pacific region has grown to be a prime target of park owners. The availability of the cheap lands also enables for the expansion of the parks thus rapid growth. For instance, HONG KONG gratification parks spend half a billion every time they refurbish the place, expand and modernize their facilities. This is due to the growing population of visitors. With the quick growing income in Asia, more visitors are legible to come as people are looking for these kinds of developed parks with developed modern facilities.

Basing argument on Forbes data, it clear that Asian parks theme top because of the high attendance of investors. The overall data shows that the type of leisure activities within these places have been on a steady improvement in the 1990’s.Recently, Asia has scored the kind of economic growth required to justify the presence of expensive park designs.


Sunway-LagoonMost of the Asian amusement parks offer live entertainment. Sunway Lagoon, which is Malaysia’s biggest park leads the list because of the live pop stars and numerous highlighted performance by the black eyed peas, Ne-Yo and the American idol David Archulata. Research basing on entertainment and leisure has confirmed that the fast growing markets in Asia make it possible for these best parks attract more investors. The overall entertainment budget in Asia increases by 5 percent every time a tally is done. This is just enough to show how fast the parks are developed with a number of live, modern entertainment systems.

To conclude, Asian amusement parks are ranked the top worldwide due to the stable growing attendance which is facilitated by the entertainment style and modern facilities. Most of these parks are disappearing quickly. Get to these amusement parks before it is very late.

For the list of Amusement Parks in Asia, click here:

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