18 AugBest Places To Go In Australia

Traveling to places comes with the best experiences and memories one would wish to ever have. To be very precise, this only depends on places one visits. When you are out traveling to have fun and refreshing moments, Australia should be one of the a must – visit places on your travel list. There are so many wonderful places worth visiting in Australia. The best places to go in Australia are;

Tasmania is an island located in southern tip of Australia, only separated by Bass Strait from the mainland. Because of the beauty bestowed upon it by nature, people have resorted to nickname it the Inspirational Island. Organ pipes columns are some of the natural wonders bestowed upon it by nature. As if this is not enough, it has the best mountain ridges, waterfalls, continental granites, home to a rare type of wild life like the Tasmania tiger and has very magnificent caves. Try it out, and be your own witness.

Great Barrier Reef
Situated in the coral sea off the Queensland coast, it is known to be the largest coral reef in the world with more that 850 islands. Exploration by a mini-submarine is recommended. Divers in these deep waters wear full diving kits. It is also known to harbor rare and endangered plant and animal species. It is undisputedly known by most people to be one of the most wonderful places in the world hence recommending just a particular area would be hard and considered not as an adventure.

Uluru is another place worth visiting while in Australia. Ayres rock is its former name. It is situated in Northern Australia. Uluru is a place one would not imagine missing out in his travel itinerary. Should you travel to Uluru you will feel the splendor, history and magic that Uluru is. Uluru is known to be the largest monolith rock of its own kind, measuring 348 meters high, having a circumference of 9.4 kilometers as well as an estimated 1.4 miles down the ground. Formed from a sandstone, it can change its color from orange to violet to blue and to red, visible from viewing points especially during the sunset and sun rise.

kakadunationalparkKakadu National Park
Being the largest national park in Australia, it is located in the North Eastern section of the Northern Australian territory. The park is a haven for wildlife having various species of wildlife, including the notorious salt water crocodile, colonies of herons and water buffaloes. This park is another ideal places for those with interest in knowing the Aboriginal culture as it has a high number of famous Aboriginal rock art.

Benefiting from the hot Australian climate, Barossa is one of the leading areas of wine production in Australia with diverse and rich history spread across it 3 towns of Tanunda, Angaston and Nutioopta. Fields of vine is a common occurrence in the Barossa region and viticulture is the major income earner and peoples’ employment in the area. The Barossa region boasts of some of the biggest wine brands in the world market, that comes from the region. Try it out and you will be amazed.

Conclusively, these are just but a few wonderful areas one can visit in Australia. If you are a frequent traveler, try out some of these areas and for sure, you will not be disappointed. Every single penny of yours spent shall be worth it.

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