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centralparkA park is a large open area, mainly used for recreational purposes. It may be a natural, semi-natural, or manmade habitat that’s put up for the enjoyment of the people as well as for the protection of wildlife and plant species. There are various parks in different parts of the world and there are a lot of happenings within them at certain points of the year. In short, there is so much to share about the parks around us.

That’s why we came up with this blog. This is all about the beautiful parks that can be found in various locations. Aside from their natural allures, we also delve into their cultural significance. We also like talking about what kind of activities you can enjoy within each fantastic territory, which do not usually cost a big sum of money. With the willingness to save the environment, we also touch on issues and disciplines involving parks. We also like talking about renewable sources of energy, public art, waste management, and sustainability, all in connection with maintaining a park.

Expect a good variety of articles in this blog. We promise you will love roaming around for the best parks as much as we did writing about them. Thank you to Bali Hotel Accommodation for Right Car Hire for their support to our website. We strongly recommend them to all our audience.

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