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30 NovExperience the Amazing Parks of “The Land of Morning Calm”

Sitting on the Korean Peninsula in North-East Asia, Korea is neighbored by China to the northwest and Russia to the northeast. North Korea and South Korea are separated by a 4 km wide stretch of land. Majority of the national parks in Korea are found in South Korea. While the Southern part of Korea is covered by well-developed plains which make it an international hiking destination, the northern part is mountainous and tilts to the East famous for hosting eminent camping sites

Korea’s climatic conditions vary drastically from North to South. “The Land of The Morning Calm”, a nickname given to South Korea, comes from the calm coastline and a relatively warm and wet climate similar to that of Japan. Its Ria coastline is known as Dadohae-jin in Korean. The convoluted coastline results in mild seas, resulting in perfect conditions and environment for fishing, safe navigation and sea weed farming. National parks are among the key attractions here. The following are some of the most visited by tourists from all around the world and locally.

Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National ParkBukhansan is designated as the first national park in South Korea. It is festooned under natural forested areas, granite peaks and temples. The three major granite peaks include: Insubong, 810.5 m which is the tallest, Mangnyeongdae, 799.5 m and Baekundae, 836.5 m. The famous Bukhansanseong Fortress with a long defensive wall (9.6 km) built in 132 AD is found here. A number of rocky overlapping hills “sleep” across the horizons, some of which are covered in thick dark green forests creating enticing micro-climates for various animal species. If you love mountain climbing, the rocky hills and steep mountains in this park will certainly amuse you when you visit in Korea.

Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan National park sits on the foot of Tabaek mountain range in eastern southern Korea. It is mostly frequented by many tourists both nationally and internationally throughout autumn. This is the best time to be here when the land is transformed into a haven of bright red and yellow forest cover. With a mixture of butterflies; brighter, bigger, fluffier and so on, all flying all over the space, one finds the pomp and color that fills the atmosphere particularly irresistible. Perhaps, all you shall want to do is look for nice shade, sit on your low custom chair facing one of the streams and begin to meditate on this dazzling land.

Sobaeksan National Park

Sobaeksan is the name of the mountain which this park sits on. One out of the ordinary thing about this park is the white color theme formed by snow on dried twigs that hang conspicuously when you visit in winter. Come again during summer and you will realize the kind of splendor that the snow had previous destroyed. During this time, over 1,067 plant species sprout their leaves and a wide range of animal species begin to migrate in, some of which come out from hibernation to feed on foliage. Hiking is the main activity here; it is backed with excellent resorts to hang about. It’s a really beautiful place to be for your holiday.

Taeanhaean National Park

Taeanhaean national park is a marine park designated as the 13th national park in South Korea. It lies on a 230 km stretch of coastal land containing 26 beaches and a sundry coastal ecosystem. For those who love water games, this park has one-of-its-kind environments to try out any type of game you would wish when you travel to South Korea. With such a long coastal stretch, it will take you not less than a month of far-reaching trip to cover all kind of attractions here; talk of adrenaline pumping water games, salient marine species, legendary land marks and many more.

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